Best Venues to Watch Local Bands in Miami

Local music has been a way of life in Miami for years.

The Magic City may not be nationally known for its scene, but rest assured, Miami and the surrounding area has one heck of a local music scene that is on the same level with the like of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. So if you really want to know where are the best venues to check out the best in Miami's music scene, check out the following places that have become legendary within South Florida.

Habana 305
You haven't done Miami's local music scene right until you have attended a show at Habana 305. Located in Little Havana, Habana 305 has a wonderful atmosphere that every band in South Florida makes a point to play. Also, don't miss out on the bar's tapas, which are some of the best in Miami. (305) 456-0891

Not too far from Habana 305 is another iconic local music venue in the Magic City. The Sidebar is a tad bit grittier than Habana 305, but the atmosphere is just the same. Thi venerable bar has played home to some of the best local bands in the city and, hopefully, this iconic venue will continue to play host to Miami's vibrant local music scene. (305) 703-6973

Lagniappe House
Take it from a born-and-bread Floridian: If Lagniappe House is not included in a best local music list, the list isn't validated. That's how great listening to live music at this Midtown spot is. Sure, the Zika virus has turned life upside down in this part of Miami, but Lagniappe House is well-worth the risk for the pleasure of listening to some of the best local bands in Miami-Dade County, and that's a fact, Jack. (305) 576-0108

Jada Coles
There aren't a lot of people that have heard of this venue in the Coral Gate area of Miami. But that's part of the reason why Jada Coles is one of the best music venues around. The bands that play here are awesome, the beer is cheap, and the atmosphere is ripe for local talent to break out. Let's hope that this place stays mythical so that it doesn't turn into another "trendy spot." (786) 391-3698

Churchill's Pub
What can you say about Churchill's Pub that hasn't already been said? This slice of Miami history has been a mainstay on NE 2nd Avenue in Little Haiti for over 37 years, and it' just as raw, sketchy, and wonderfully authentic as ever. Churchill's isn't for the wine-and-cheese crowd; this place is for the diehards that want to see some of Miami' best local bands do their thing in a raw dive bar setting, and that's exactly what you're going to get at Churchill's. (305) 757-1807

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