Best Places to See Local Bands in Kingston, New York

If you're looking for a good place to see local bands in the Hudson Valley, look no further than Kingston. The former capital of the state has turned into an interesting, varied cultural hub in recent years, complete with a booming music scene. Here are a few of the best venues in the city to see some great local bands (and maybe grab a bite to eat and a drink, too).


BSP, located in Uptown Kingston, is a really cool venue with a long history. It was first opened in the late 1800s as a vaudeville theater, then converted to a Walter Reade movie house in the 1930s. Next, it became a furniture showroom before being abandoned in the 1980s. Now, it is a performing arts center with a front room (aka the bar, where some smaller acts play,) an upstairs dance studio (which hosts dance and circus arts classes,) and the back room/theater, which hosts larger shows. A wide variety of different types of events are hosted here, from metal concerts to poetry readings. Check their calendar for more info.

The Anchor

The Anchor, located right on Broadway in Kingston is home to 20 beers on tap, delicious food, and, according to their website, live music "nearly ever night of the week." The anchor is both a family-friendly gastropub and a great place to see a show. (On the subject of gastropubs, make sure you try the "Hot Mess Fries" when you go. That is french fries covered in bacon, jalapenos, pulled pork, cheese, and scallions and served with sriracha mayo, and they really are as good as they sound.)

The Anchor plays host to free live music every Friday and Saturday during dinner time, a weekly open mic every Wednesday, and a plethora of other special concerts and shows. Bands tend to be local, but that's how we like it, and The Anchor hosts unique and off-beat musicians who play everything from indie to metal to hip hop.

To find out what's going on at The Anchor, check out their calendar.

Snapper Magee's

Be warned: Snapper Magee's (or Snappers) is a bona fide dive bar. It's a fun dive with cool music, but a dive bar nonetheless. Don't go expecting pristine bathrooms and a classy atmosphere, because you won't find that here. If you're brave, however, Snappers is always a fun time, with its legendary jukebox and diverse crowd. They don't have live music quite as often as some of the other venues on this list, but if you do come to a show there, you know you're guaranteed to drink for cheap and meet some interesting people!

For upcoming events, check out their Facebook page.

Keegan Ales

Keegan Ales is a brewery, pub, and restaurant on Saint James Street in Kingston. You may be familiar with their Mother's Milk stout, which was declared one of the top ten stouts in North America by the New York Times. Like the other venues on this list, they host concerts. The bands that play at Keegan Ales tend to be a bit more classic rock or jazz, and a little less metal or electronica, so this is the place to go if you're looking for something more low-key.

Keegan Ales is open every day but Monday. For upcoming events, check out their calendar.

Veronica Stork has been a resident of the Hudson Valley for her entire life. She enjoys going to see live bands wherever they're playing, but especially in places that also serve yummy food.