Best Places to Meet Locals For Business Travelers in West Palm Beach, FL

Traveling for business can be a lonely experience. Too often, business travel consists of ferrying back and forth between client offices and your hotel room. There, you hole up with mediocre delivery food and eat on your bed while you flip through premium channels with a surprising array of nothing good to watch. To make business travel more rewarding, wouldn't it be nice to actually get to know some of the local people who live there? The next time you're traveling on business in West Palm Beach, check out these best-rated places to meet locals.

City Place

City Place in West Palm Beach is the place to see and be seen. Escape the doldrums of your hotel room with a visit to this walking area convenient to your downtown digs. City Place is a gorgeous destination, with Mediterranean-style architecture, a large central fountain and free live music every weekend night. Over 80 shops are dotted around City Place, and restaurants and bars abound. This is ground central for West Palm Beach locals, so you'll certainly have your best odds for meeting someone interesting to share the rest of your stay in South Florida.

Benny's on the Beach

West Palm Beach locals head to Benny's on the Beach for casual, American-style dining and drinking in a fantastic, beach setting. Located on the pier at Lake Worth beach, this small, but hopping restaurant/bar is jumping with live music most days and nights. For the best experience, play on the Lake Worth beach in the afternoon and when you get thirsty, prop yourself on a barstool at Benny's for sustenance. You'll be sure to find friendly conversation and camaraderie that will top any hotel amenities you might have.

West Palm Beach Green Market

This lively outdoor farmer's market is situated right along the water's edge on Flagler Drive. Don't worry if you aren't able to cook up fresh greens from the vendors. The West Palm Beach Green Market vendors also have plenty of freshly made prepared food and beverages made with local ingredients. Surround yourself with locals as you browse stalls at the market selling wares like tropical plants, hand-crafted souvenirs for you to bring home to your family, hand-infused olive oils, fruit smoothies and much more. Opening day is October 1, so you'll be just in time to celebrate nature along with the locals in West Palm Beach.

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