Top Five San Francisco Adventures

Let's face it, San Francisco has crazy high rent and super inconvenient parking, but no one's going to deny the city is a fun place to live. With it's hills, ocean bay, weird alleys, crazy good coffee, ethnic hubs, twisted sense of humor, and insistent fog, you've got an adventure creeping around every corner.

Kiteboarding at Crissy Field

Try your hand at kite flying AND wakeboarding – combined into one extreme sport called kiteboarding. Picture yourself propelling through the water while balancing on a wakeboard and steering a kite, attached to your waist by a harness. Throw in some gymnastics once you start getting good, and show off your jumping and flipping skills across the water. Your sole source of power will be the wind, which the shores of Crissy Field have plenty of! Well noted by the kiteboarders dotting the shores of Crissy Field every weekend.

Sip Cocktails at the Redwood Room Where the Paintings Watch You

Lounge in CLIFT Hotel's classy Redwood Room, where the walls flaunt gorgeous redwood paneling and paintings that watch as you sip your drink. It's fun coming here and catching the eyes of people in the paintings following you as you walk through the bar – that is, until you hit drink #13.

Hike to Plane Wreckage in El Corte de Madera Creek Open Space Reserve

On Oct 29, 1953, a plane from Sydney, Australia, destined for San Francisco, crashed into the Santa Cruz Mountains. You can still see some of the plane debris at El Corte de Madera Creek Preserve, about a two-mile hike into the area.

Tantalize Your Taste Buds with a Doughnut Burger

Tantalize your taste buds on Straw's Ringmaster burger, a burger with a donut for a bun. You might be skeptical about this creation, but it's delicious - a solid hunk of beef, sandwiched by fluffy, deep fried, glazed bread, with cheese oozing down the sides, and maybe bacon, avocado, and an egg.

Race a Friend Down Cement Street Slides

The Seward Street Slides ride high on the top of a hill above Castro, descending with some twists and a big hump in the middle. Warning: These slides go FAST. You'll realize this as you start the steep hike to the top. The best way to go down is on a piece of cardboard - bonus if there's enough board for you to hold onto the sides, otherwise your elbows will sport a concrete burn.

Christina Wong is a Bay Area native who loves to travel the world, but always finds her way back to California.