Top Five Sites for Adventure in Greenville, SC

If you've got your sights set on adventure, pump up your adrenaline Greenville, SC style. Whether it's the need for speed or the need to feed, the different facets and flavors of Greenville, SC adventure abound at every corner.

Get Your Motor Running
This isn't your typical Driver's Ed. With four classes to choose from, participants in the BMW Performance Driving School can test drive the latest BMW models (including motorcycles) on a closed test track while learning how to put the Ultimate Driving Machine to its limits. You'll gain more confidence behind the wheel as you hone your reflexes and hand-eye coordination in a safe environment. BMW calls it perfecting the most important upgrade for your vehicle: you.

Get Courageous With Your Cuisine
Epic culinary experiences like the one you'll enjoy at Saskatoon are hard to come by. Pull up a chair and treat your taste buds to all the best flavors from field and stream, land and sea. Saskatoon is known for serving up anything but mundane: emu, bear, kangaroo, and pheasant have all found their way onto the weekly specials menu. Some of their signature staples include elk, ostrich, buffalo, and duck, along with a variety of choice steaks, rainbow trout, salmon, shrimp and scallops.

If you're feeling bold, ask for the wild game sausage appetizer, a variety of three sausages of the chef's choosing; of if you're feeling extra bold, order the Chef's Choice entree, which gives you three select cuts of wild game. Expect the unexpected.

Test Your Ninja Skills
If your adrenaline kicks in watching NBC's American Ninja Warrior, and you want nothing more than to tackle the course and show them how it's done (because you so could, right?), here's your chance. Head over to Sky Zone Trampoline Park off Laurens Rd., where you can take on the Upstate's largest, longest ninja warrior obstacle course. Three indoor courses, including one for mini warriors, put your strength, agility, and dignity to the test, with dozens of onlookers watching your every move. Take a hint: it's not for the faint-hearted.

Take A Ride on the Wild Side
Ever wonder how those animals at the zoo feel about being on exhibit? Put yourself in their shoes for a change at Hollywild Animal Park in Wellford. You're the one in a cage on display as you board a bus that takes you where the animals roam free in their habitat. Zebras, bison, emus, Scottish cattle, watusi (apparently, it's a real animal), and more get up close and personal as you safari your way through 70+ acres of wide open acreage. These guys aren't shy, either: many come to take food right out of your hand, so make sure you finish your lunch before you board.

The folks at Hollywild still keep the carnivores and larger animals behind bars, so you won't have to fend off the lions and rhinos on your own. Before you leave, stop by the petting zoo where you can feed and touch deer and other animals.

Sate Your Fresh Air Cravings
Outdoor junkies can fuel their appetite for the great outdoors when they blaze their own path down Swamp Rabbit Trail. This 21-mile stretch travels from Mauldin, SC to Traveler's Rest, making passes through downtown Greenville along the Reedy River, Furman University, and Greenville Tech. Bike, skate, run, walk, jog, whatever your transportation method, you'll enjoy all the natural sights of Greenville County that are best experienced up close.

Alli Hill is an Upstate South Carolina native who, to her dismay, did not master the Sky Zone Ninja Warrior Course. Alli graduated in 2008 from Lander University in Greenwood, SC, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications. She finally decided to follow her dreams of becoming a writer, and still claims to maintain some level of adrenaline junkie status.