Must-see Haunted Attractions in San Diego

With a rich history that includes everything from cowboys to missionaries, San Diego is also a hot-spot for fans of Halloween. Not only are their attractions that push the boundaries of creative horror each year, but there are numerous locations throughout San Diego that many believe to be haunted. Rather than fence them off from the public, many like the Whaley House and the Downtown Haunted Hotel have been optimized for tours. From stories of tragedy from the early 1900's, to creepy spots at the heart of the oldest parts of San Diego, each of these events is worth seeing for fans macabre and horror.

The Whaley House of Old Town

For those who prefer places that are rumored to be haunted based on events that took place there, The Whaley House in Old Town is prized by locals for being both historic and creepy. Arguably the most historically rich building in all of San Diego, The Whaley House also happens to have been built on a graveyard, Poltergeist style. Combined with a horrific family tragedy that resulted in the suicide of 22-year-old Violet, the Whaley house was named as "The most haunted house in America" by LIFE Magazine in 2005. From the first ghost sightings and heavy footsteps reported by Thomas Whaley himself in the late 1800's, to the countless employees and guests who've made similar claims, visit the Whaley House in Old Town for one of the purest haunted experiences in California.

The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park

A favorite of those who don't mind getting creeped out by walking through various creepy attractions, The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park has something for every Halloween Fan. Without spoiling too much, the trail featured themed tents that included characters from recent Halloween films as well as classics. While waiting in line, Zombieland played on a large screen for the crowd, while large demons and other creatures decorated the surrounding area. If you're going to try the Haunted Trail of Balboa Park, the small extra fee to skip lines is highly recommended.

Haunted Hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter

The longest running haunted house in San Diego, the Haunted Hotel is located downtown in the Gaslamp Quarter. Winner of awards from the Travel Channel for their creative version of a haunted house, you can expect a Hellavator, Zombie Infested Alley, and other creepy inventions. With a fun location and long-running reputation as an excellent haunted house, Gaslamp Quarter's Haunted Hotel is worth a visit this Halloween.

Ghosts and Graveyards Tour

Locals know that there are a surprising amount of spots throughout San Diego that are widely considered to be haunted, especially around the historic Old Town district. Join the Ghosts and Graveyards Tour to see several of them at once, including a walk through the El Campo Cemetery and ending off in front of one of San Diego's most haunted locations, The Whaley House. Stories of historic creepy locations are relayed through characters, which is more impactful since you're visiting them in real time.

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