Some of the Most Haunted Places in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

With autumn settling in and Halloween right around the corner, it's that time of year for some spooky Pittsburgh ghost stories. There are so many ghoulish tales and frightening stories abound in a city as big as Pittsburgh that it could take quite a few Halloweens to tell them all. So here are just a few good Pittsburgh haunts to get you in the "spirit" of the season.

The Weitzel House
In the North Hills of Pittsburgh in Ross Township near Evergreen Park sits the abandoned and haunted Weitzel Homestead. The haunted house is on Evergreen Road almost adjacent to the Alder Ridge Apartments. Ghost hunter lore claims that there are two different ghosts that haunt the property and have both appeared in the windows of the house. The first ghost is a female apparition supposedly the spirit of Jane Ann Weitzel, wife of former owner Jacob Weitzel, Jr. whose spirit has materialized in multiple windows throughout the house. The famous A&E network ghost hunting show Paranormal State actually investigated the property in 2008 and aptly named their episode the "Woman in the Window." The second ghost was unveiled by Ross Township Historian John Schalocosky while he was taking routine historical record photos of the structure. In his photos he noticed a ghostly image of an old man behind a fogged up window in the house and then again in a different position elsewhere in the house behind another window. The Weitzel House whether haunted or not, definitely has a few chilling stories behind it. Learn more about the haunted house in Ghosts of Southwest Pennsylvania by Thomas White.

The Blue Mist of Irwin Road
The supernatural tale of Blue Mist Road comes out of North Park in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. Images of a ghostly blue mist rising at night from Irwin Road in North Park have made this one of Pittsburgh's most popular and investigated haunted sites. Irwin road is a 5 mile stretch of rough, dark road that has "road closed" signs posted on both ends... apparently for good reasons. There are so many ghastly stories that contribute to the Blue Mist legend including the Ghosts of the Hanging Tree, The Midget Farm, the remains of a witch's cabin, the Mutant Deer-Dog-Man and so many more that the East Hills Paranormal (EHP) group was called in to investigate the area. What did EHP conclude? "It's freaky no matter what night you go there. We really don't know what exactly happened there but there is continuous paranormal activity."

National Aviary
The National Aviary on the North Side of Pittsburgh was built in 1952 on the grounds of the former Western State Penitentiary. The Jail was constructed in 1826 and razed in 1882. The penitentiary's biggest claim to haunted fame is that it was a holding camp for Confederate prisoners during the Civil War. Record has 118 confederate soldiers being held at the site from 1863-1864 and six of them had died in prison during that time. Rumor has it that the spirits of those Confederate soldiers still haunt the aviary, so next time you are touring the facility and hear a ghastly shriek don't blame the resident Eastern Screech Owl.

Happy haunting, Pittsburgh!

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