Five Haunted Places in San Diego You Must Visit

Are you afraid of the dark? If you aren't already, you might be after visiting these five haunted places in San Diego, where ghouls and spirits abound. Fortunately, many of the paranormal spirits are of the friendly variety, and simply think that San Diego is too great to leave (and who can blame them?).

But whether the ghosts you encounter in the dark are friend or foe? That's something you'll have to find out for yourself.

The Hotel Del Coronado
In the late 1800s, a woman under a pseudonym checked into the Hotel del Coronado, one of San Diego's most iconic venues that has hosted the likes of US presidents, Marilyn Monroe, and more. Just a few days after her arrival, she was found dead in her room. For weeks, her identity remained a mystery and she was simply known in the media as the "beautiful stranger." To this day, patrons of the Hotel del Coronado report feeling as though they're being watched, flashing lights, and eerie creaking sounds.

Elfin Forest
Venture to Elfin Forest once the sun goes down only if you're brave. It is perhaps the most haunted place in all of San Diego, making it the perfect base for a community of still-mortals to partake in the occult. The spookiest rumor revolves around the mystery of an abandoned mental institution whose patients were killed in a fire and now wander through the forest. Additionally, there is a common theme of witchcraft, a murderous owl, and the blood-curdling screams that can be heard in the distance cited by those who dare to go there.

The Star of India
It's tradition for San Diegan elementary school students to spend a night aboard the Star of India, a sailing vessel built in 1863 where they discover what to do with a drunken sailor and learn about history. However, what teachers forget to disclose to their students is that the ship is haunted. With a long career that's carried many a sailor out to sea, it's no wonder that the ship is haunted. Some ghosts of former sailors come aboard temporarily, boarding for a short time before moving onto their next destination. However, it's said that three spirits remain on board ever present -- an officer, a young boy, and a fisherman.

The Whaley House
The most famous source of specters is the Whaley House, located in Old Town, San Diego. Hans Holzer, a famous spirit chaser held a seance in the Whaley House and even proceeded to feature it in his book all about paranormal activity. The Whaley family, the original owners of the home, spent their lives trying to please the benevolent spirits and appease the sinister ones and now haunt the building themselves. The house is so famed for its ghouls, you can hop on a nightly ghost tour led by guides who know the house best. Keep an eye out for the spirits of Yankee Jim Robinson -- a horse thief who was hanged for his crimes and has yet to depart to an afterlife.

The El Campo Santo Cemetary
In 1849, the El Campo Cemetary was created and ended up housing over 450 bodies throughout the years after its creation. However, though the corpses remain underground, the spirits have not. It's common to see ghosts dressed in Victorian era style clothing wandering around the grounds -- and visitors often mistake them for groundskeepers in costume. Other paranormal activity here includes feeling a cold breeze as you walk through, strange noises, and a common feeling as though you're being watched.

Chantae Reden is a native San Diegan who still refuses to drive to Elfin Forest after one scary night spent there. You can find more of her writing on her blog,