Four Most Haunted Places in Kansas City

Kansas City is a city full of beauty, a cosmopolitan center full of art, shopping, and culture. Like all major cities, though, there is tragedy woven through the history of Kansas City as well. This fall, if you want to see some supernatural manifestations, check out these haunted Kansas City spots.

1. Hotel Savoy

The Hotel Savoy was first built in 1888, and operated continually for almost a century and half before being closed due to a fire in the restaurant in 2014. It is currently under repair and renovation, and is set to fully reopen in the near future. Guests at the hotel have reported various hauntings in the hallways and rooms of the Hotel Savoy. Shortly after opening, one Betsy Ward lived and died in the room 505 of the hotel. Some reports claim suicide, while others claim she was murdered. The room features doors and lights that operate under their own power, and many claim to have heard mysterious whispers in the room. The second floor is also supposedly haunted by a restaurant manager who was stabbed to death by some of his workers, and the elevator tends to skip the fourth floor, which is haunted by a girl in a blue dress. The Hotel Savoy boasts a series of eye witness accounts of supernatural activity, and should reopen for business soon.

2. Belvoir Winery

The Belvoir Winery, located in nearby Liberty, Missouri, is a beautiful event space that may also house some supernatural secrets. One of the buildings was once a hospital, and it is here that much of the supernatural activity seems to occur. People have reported laughter, growling, and the sounds of footsteps throughout the winery, focused mainly around what was once the hospital. For the last five years, paranormal tours of the grounds have regularly sold out, and many have seen and felt things with no logical explanation. Belvoir Winery has been featured on numerous supernatural television shows, including Ghost Hunters.

3. Glore Psychiatric Museum

The Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri, fits the haunted bill for numerous reasons. Not only are there reports of various supernatural experiences throughout the museum, but the museum itself features numerous strange and frightening implements that have been used in psychological treatment throughout history. Visitors can see all the bizarre treatment methods that were used in mental hospitals, including this one. Glore Museum was originally housed in the mental hospital itself before being moved across the street, as the original building is now a prison. People report hearing voices and crying when otherwise alone and seeing ghostly apparitions wandering the museum. Many suspect the ghosts of former patients of the hospital.

4. Stull Cemetery

The others on this list mostly get by on eyewitness accounts and rumors, but Stull Cemetery is on another level. All sorts of sinister stories surround this cemetery and ruined church, and police are vigilant about keeping out trespassers and sight-seers. Stull is reportedly a "gateway to Hell," and people report on demonic voices, strange graffiti, levitating objects, and even a never-ending stairway hidden on the grounds. Supposedly the site contains a tree that was used to hang convicted witches, and the spirits of those witches are still trying to call Satan back to the surface. Perhaps the most famous story of Stull's evil influence comes from 1993, when Pope John Paul II was flying over Kansas and redirected his plane so as to not fly over the tainted air that hangs above Stull, Kansas. Again, the police are no nonsense surrounding Stull, but it is one of the most-fascinating haunted spots in the country, let alone the city.

There you have it: a few spooky places near Kansas City to raise your anxiety on your next visit. Been to any of these? Any good ones we missed? Let us know.

Jordan Baranowski is a writer and teacher in Kansas City. He loves the food, drink, and culture of the city. You can check out his "Best Butcher Shops in Kansas City" here and his "Top Five Places to Adopt a Cat in Kansas City" here. You can find his YouTube channel here.