Most Haunted Places in and around Oconee County, SC

With America's favorite spooky holiday fast approaching, the inner ghost enthusiast in everyone starts to creep out. In the days and weeks leading up to Halloween night, it's a tradition for many to delve into the area's most spook-tacular scenes where potential ghost sightings abound.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, plenty of local legends have evolved through the years to delight those who obsessively pursue the paranormal. Take a look at some of these frightfully fantastic tales of the most haunted places in Oconee County, SC, and surrounding areas:

The Ghostly Hitchhiker of Hwy 107 (Walhalla, SC)
Does the pilot Larry Stevens sound familiar? It might, if you live near Walhalla, SC. Rumor has it that Stevens' plane crashed between Moody Spring and the nearby Piedmont Overlook on Hwy 107 during an unexpected thunderstorm on his flight from Greenville, SC, in the 1950's.

Travelers passing through this area on rainy, foggy nights have reported picking up a male hitchhiker asking to be dropped at either Moody Spring or the Overlook, depending on which way the driver is headed. Once the man is dropped off, he simply disappears, leaving behind only a puddle of water.

If you see a man hitchhiking on Hwy 107 during a foggy, rainy night, would you be brave enough to give him a lift?

Cry Baby Bridge (Anderson, SC)
It seems there are countless "Cry Baby Bridges" throughout the country, and the Upstate plays home to several of them.

The most popular is located in Anderson, SC, on High Shoals Road near Pine Lake Golf Club. Some claim a young woman and her baby died in a car accident at the bridge; others say a woman tossed her baby over the bridge after her husband died in the Civil War. Visitors to the site report hearing abysmal cries of an infant after repeating a certain set of words ("I killed your baby," "I've got your baby," "Cry baby cry," etc.). Others have reported seeing a woman dressed in white floating near the bridge, or experiencing odd car malfunctions like headlights not working.

Lonely Bridge (Westminster, SC)
Located near the old saw mill in Westminster, SC, it's been verified that a woman indeed drowned here. Locals report seeing a ghostly woman screaming for help in finding her child; others claim the woman dives in front of their car and disappears before they can stop the car.

Toccoa Presbyterian Church (Westminster, SC)
You might think it odd that the church doors here are usually left unlocked, but would-be thieves can't loot anything of value. Legend says that whatever you try to carry out of the church suddenly becomes too heavy to lift. Also, anytime someone tries to light a cigarette lighter, the lighter mysteriously falls apart. You won't be able to attend Sunday service here, but you can cruise down Hwy 24 right out of Westminster and take a look.

Consider this: urban legends and ghost stories usually come about through some form of discoverable truth. As the story continues to exchange mouths, details such as names, dates, and locations can sometimes become muddled. But do the minor tidbits of misinformation render the entire story false? After all, there probably exists some basis of truth somewhere. Folklore or fakelore, believe what you will – even if it's just for fun.

Alli Hill is a native of Seneca, SC, who revels in ghost stories, urban legends, and all things Halloween. Alvin Schwartz's "Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark" trilogy has been on her bookshelf since age 3, and she continues to spread of her love of fear-raising folklore to her children.