Most Haunted Places in Greenville, SC

While the nearby Southern cities of Charleston and Savannah may be known for their paranormal activity, the Greenville/Upstate, SC area certainly possesses its fair share of haunted locales. As Halloween approaches prepare for a scare if you set out to find these supernatural spots.

Westin Poinsett Hotel
Built in 1920, the Poinsett Hotel in Main Street Greenville sat 12 stories high as the city's flagship. By the 1980s, though, the hotel could not survive the suburbanization of the area, and the doors closed in 1987. The hotel sat vacant for a number of years before reopening as the Westin Poinsett, but mysterious remnants of those unexplained years still exist. Today, guests have reported unusual sightings such as images of elderly men who then disappear and loud noises in hallways when no one was there.

Poinsett Bridge
In Northern Greenville County off of Highway 11, the Poinsett Bridge, built in 1820, originally marked the main route from Columbia to Asheville. It's no longer used today but serves as a popular landmark, not only for its beauty and history, but also for the haunted legends surrounding the bridge. Locals tell stories of a slave lynching that took place here as well an Indian burial ground that the bridge's building disturbed. Unexplained lights, screams, and reported sounds of a human heartbeat all add to the creep factor.

Converse College
Converse College in Spartanburg reportedly boasts several haunted spots. The unfriendly ghost of Miss Hazel still haunts the Hazel B. Abbott theatre, and it's best advised to avoid her seat, or you'll be left with a cold presence and feel haunted for hours thereafter. In Wilson Hall near the stairway to the bell tower, students claim to have seen a red-eyed angry ghost, and in the Williams dorm, the ghost of a young boy, from the days as a boarding school, still roams the laundry room.

Jannan Poppen is a freelance writer in Greenville, SC. She's an explorer at heart and will try just about anything once.