The Five Most Haunted Places in Niagara Falls

Everyone knows that Buffalo, NY is considered one of the most haunted cities around (just ask Ghost Hunters). If you've seen all of the frightening sites the Queen City has to offer, get on the road and travel all of 20 miles north to Niagara Falls. Not only are both the American and Canadian sides full of breathtaking beauty, they're also full of spirits. Here are just five spooky places that will get you good and ready for Halloween.

1. Echo Club
If you're looking for a spiritual encounter that's more Casper than Candyman, then a visit to the more than 150-year-old Echo Club is in order. First owned by a state government official and later a Polish community club, the hundreds of antiques still cared for by the current owner are assumed to be the reason for all of the paranormal activity (some ghost hunters feel that spirits are attached to items, rather than people). Reported incidents include plates flying from shelves, mysterious orbs floating about, rooms shaking, and a ghostly young girl in a white dress hovering around the restrooms. The SyFy Channel's Haunted Collector determined that the club's spirits show no ill will toward humans, so you can rest easy when you pop in for karaoke – regardless of the quality of your singing.

2. Rapids Theatre
Originally called the Bellevue Theatre when it opened in 1921, this Niagara Falls gem showcased vaudeville acts such as the Three Stooges. It underwent a couple of ownership and name changes; it transitioned into a movie theater, later a nightclub, and eventually the concert hall that it is today. Despite all of the famous people it's held, its most important aspect, according to the paranormal community, is the ghost of a dead actress who continues to hang on to the place where she committed suicide. If you want to experience the alleged whistling, doors that slam shut with no human assistance, and the click-clack of invisible high heels, keep an eye out for ghost hunts offered to the public. You'll get refreshments with your ticket purchase, as well as the use of paranormal tech gear so you can emulate Ghost Hunters, who verified the theater as haunted.

3. Red Coach Inn
You'd never guess by gazing at the lovely English Tudor-style inn that it has a gruesome past. Built in 1923, the inn's scenic view was marred four years later, thanks to a young bride's murder by her husband on their wedding night. Since then, guests (whether staying for the night or just coming in for a meal) have reported everything from plates falling to a bell ringing to the anguished bride herself, roaming the halls in her white bridal gown. Need more proof? The Love Boat's Bernie Kopell even tells a tale of meeting up with her – and getting a good look at her bludgeoned-in face. One assumes that Pam and Jim from The Office didn't have a similar encounter when they spent their honeymoon here.

4. Devil's Hole State Park
While this popular park provides hiking opportunities, scenic overlooks, and fishing spots, it also has a dark past - and heaven help you if you try to find an exact address online. After an ambush and massacre of around 80 British soldiers by Seneca warriors in 1763, the Cave of Evil Spirit (located near the bottom of a set of somewhat treacherous stone steps) gained a reputation as being seriously haunted. Not only will you hear disembodied whispers, but you may also gain a curse that will plague you to the end of your days. Teenagers, maybe you can find a less creepy place to sneak that smoke from now on.

5. Drummond Hill Cemetery
Drummond Hill Cemetery is a historic site, popular in Canadian culture as a battleground and later as the burial site of notables such as Laura Secord (any kid growing up in either WNY or Ontario probably thinks "chocolate" when they hear Laura Secord's name, not that it's a bad thing). Of course, cemeteries are typically haunted, and this one is no exception. At Drummond Hill, you may come across restless spirits who manifest as weird lights or orbs. You may also hear sounds of battles fought hundreds of years ago, and don't be surprised if you come face-to-face with a misty soldier or two.

Kimberly Mintz is a freelance writer and voice actor who lives in the Buffalo area and enjoys a ghostly thrill as much as the next person. Follow her ramblings on Twitter and check out her professional profile on LinkedIn.