Haunted Locations in Cleveland, Ohio

If commercial haunted houses aren't your cup of tea, consider visiting one of these three haunted locations in Cleveland, Ohio. Choose wisely and beware; these are places where actual ghost sightings and events have been reported.

1. Franklin Castle

Built in 1881, Franklin Castle was the sight of gruesome deaths under mysterious circumstances. It is said to be the most haunted house in all of Ohio. The house was built for Hannes Tiedemann and his family, but 17 years after the last brick was laid, the entire family was already dead. Rife with tales of hidden passageways and rooms, the house is now a privately-owned dwelling. Passersby report the sounds of babies crying and the shrill of a woman's scream.

2. Drury Mansion

Drury Mansion was erected by a local millionaire back in 1912. With hallways laid out in maze patterns and an underground tunnel, the house was finally used as a halfway house for convicted criminals. Rumors of hauntings and creepy doings have swirled around the Drury Mansion since it was first constructed. Today it stands empty, but those in the know typically cross to the other side of the street to pass by.

3. House of Wills

The House of Wills was originally a funeral home, founded in 1905, but later part of it was also used as a hospital. If having a funeral home and a hospital in the same building isn't weird enough, recurring unusual deaths have occurred at this haunted location in Cleveland. Reports of ghostly shadows and smoky apparitions abound.
Your Halloween activities might include a visit to a faux haunted house, but be sure to visit or pass by one of these genuine haunted locations for a true taste of what it feels like to be frightened to the core of your being.

Kate Supino is a professional travel writer who covers all of Ohio.