Most Haunted Places in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is home to many people, from all walks of life, so it makes sense that some of them would stick around after death (if you believe in that sort of thing). There are enough ghosts in Grand Rapids to have a "Ghosts of Grand Rapids" walking tour that takes people along the path of some of Grand Rapid's most haunted places. While this one-mile stretch isn't the only area in the city with ghostly stories, it can make for a spooky history lesson.

Even suburbs of Grand Rapids are prone to tales of ghosts and witches, like the story of the Ada witch. Her story is one of a floating specter over the cemetery in Ada, but since that's in Ada, let's move on. Here are some of the most haunted places in Grand Rapids, for your spine-tingling pleasure.

Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

It's a popular place to stay for business people coming to Grand Rapids, and it's one of the biggest business names in the area. It's also the home to some ghostly activity. According to reports, the Amway Grand Plaza has some spectral spirits that like to move things around. While the hotel has changed some over the years, the area most active seems to be in the part of the old hotel where the smoking section was located.

The Holmdene Manor- Aquinas College

The Holmdene Manor is said to be haunted by the spirit of one of the Lowe children, the family that originally lived in the home. It is a part of Aquinas College, which has kept it restored and functional. According to legend, the little boy drowned on the property. Now he haunts the place by turning on lights and faucets.

Picket Hall- Cornerstone University

Aquinas isn't the only college, in this college town, that boasts some ghosts. Stories are told of a girl being seen waiting outside of Picket Hall on campus. It always happens late at night, and she is also seen in the same 70s era looking dress. It is said then when she notices someone watching her she simply disappears.

Grand Rapids Home For Veterans

It seems like it would make sense that such a place would have some kind of hauntings. It is said that the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans is still home to some Civil War Veterans, long gone. This place of care and refuge opened in 1886, and some of its first residents are still said to be seen in their Civil War garb walking around the grounds.

Holy Cross Cemetery

The Holy Cross Cemetery is located next to West Catholic High School, and appears to be the home of a glowing spectral nun. She seems to only be visible when there is a full moon, and was apparently a popular tourist destination during the 80s. When she is visible she looks like a hologram, and disappears once you've driven by. No one has been able to find a light source to cause such an eerie vision.

While these five ghostly locales only give you a taste of the ghosts and hauntings in Grand Rapids, they are some of the most interesting. There are plenty of books, and even articles online, that can point you out to even more of the ghostly happenings in this city of beer, music, and art.

Yvonne Stegall is a Michigan-based freelance writer, currently located in Grand Rapids. She loves music, nightlife, healthy food, and the hustle of city life. Learn more about Yvonne at her website and follow her on Facebook.