Most Haunted Places in Portsmouth, UK

As we approach the spookiest month of the year, people from all over the world will swear that their town or city has the most haunted house in the country/continent/cosmos but how many of them have an app to go along with it?

Dr Karl Bell, a history lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, dedicates a lot of his life to detailing the paranormal in Portsmouth. He even created an app which compiles data on supernatural activities in the Waterfront City from disappearing men to a fire-breathing chicken.

So if you're on the hunt for haunts, look no further than these three.

Wymering Manor

Often referred to as Britain's most haunted home, Wymering Manor is said to host a nun who (quite literally) has blood on her hands, ghostly children and even, Jane Austen's brother Francis. Indeed, it has been visited by several paranormal investigators who claim that you can hear disembodied voices, temperature drops and even, violent attacks on visitors.

Most of the building was building in the 16th century but the Manor itself is even older, believed to have been built for King Edward the Confessor in 1042. Reportedly, on the market for only £375,000, you could snap it up for roughly the cost of a 5-bed house or 2-bed flat, depending on the area in Portsmouth. If you're feeling brave enough to check it out, there are even tours available.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

There are hundreds of ghost sightings that surround Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, most often attributed to sailors getting into fights in pubs.
One of the most legendary tales is that of the traitor, Jack the Painter. He attempted to burn down the Dockyard and was hung as a terrorist. His rotting body was displayed in a gibbet as a warning to others; it is said that you can hear the rattling of his chains on a still day.

Groundlings Theatre

This Georgian-era Theatre holds many secrets from hidden rooms to ten friendly ghosts and they're inviting you to help spot them. Built in 1784 as a school to provide education to poor boys, the building is said to house the ghosts of children who can be heard laughing and playing.
On November 19, the Old Beneficiary School will open it's door for a six-hour nighttime ghost hunt, where you will meet mediums, participate in seances and even use official ghost hunting equipment.

So what did you think of these supernatural sites? Do you live or work in a haunted place? Let us know in the comments below.

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