The Spookiest Spots in Austin, Texas

As a city with a long story and a few horrors of its own – including one of America's earliest-known serial killers, the Servant Girl AnnihilatorAustin, Texas is definitely a town touched by the paranormal. Local guides offer tours of some of the creepiest places, but this city has so many buildings with extra history that they could never cover them all in an hour or two. At the same time, that doesn't mean we can't run through a few of ATX's spookiest spots.

A Very Haunted Hotel
Any well-informed ghost tour would spend more than a moment exploring the Driskill Hotel. As one of the oldest and most historic buildings in downtown Austin, its ghoulish legacy is legendary. Many guests report feeling uneasy as they walk through the lesser-traveled corridors of the 19th century hotel (constructed in 1886). Visitors also claim to have seen the ethereal figure of a dapper gentleman stepping from the elevators, and heard the echoes of a 4-year-old girl bouncing a ball down the grand staircase in the lobby.

A Spooky Drinking Buddies
If you're looking for a drinking buddy for the night, but you're faced with reticent friends, you can always find a non-corporeal shoulder to cry on at the Speakeasy. After a tragic fire took the lives of several people in 1916, the patrons of this well-known downtown establishment often find themselves under the influence of a different kind of spirits. Since the building was reconstructed and repopulated, reports of spectral screaming abound. Other guests have seen apparitions rocking out on the main stage as well.

Moore's Crossing Bridge
One of Austin's most iconic bridges, the Moore's Crossing Bridge in Richard Moya Park also remains one of its creepiest constructs. Many hikers and bikers report an uncomfortable feeling when crossing the bridge over Onion Creek. Others claim to have seen some men and women wearing garb from a time long past stretching their legs on the old wrought iron bridge -- some of whom are believed to be victims of the Great Flood of 1921.

Haunts of Higher Education
Constructed in 1902, the original Main Hall of St. Edward's University's stunning campus has had a tragic lifespan. The building burned down partially only a year after its completion, before being rebuilt. Bad luck struck again as a stray tornado crashed through the inspiring spires in 1922, taking the lives of several students. In addition, several suicides and a recent tragic accident have resulted in numerous supposed sightings of ghostly monks and phantom friars hovering through these hallowed halls of higher learning.

A Special Brand of Entertainment
For cinema-goers looking to catch the latest comedy act or a movie in an iconic setting, The Paramount Theater won't disappoint. Opening its doors in 1915 as the Majestic, the entertainment complex has hosted everything from Vaudeville to the latest cinematic outings. However, some of the former entertainers and patrons apparently liked the venue so much, they stuck around indefinitely. Projectionists report apparitions and uncomfortable sensations in their booth. In addition, some audience members claim to have seen spectral visions or felt like they're being watched while attending events.

Andy L. Kubai is a freelance writer and transplanted Austinite who's been exploring the internal and external wonders of his new home for the last 5 years. Find out more about Andy on his website.

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