5 Magical Places In New York City You Never Knew Existed

New York City is a big place. So big, there are locations in Manhattan alone that some native New Yorkers never even visited. Here are five magical places around New York City you probably never knew existed until now.

New York's Hidden Tropical Jungle

When New Yorkers referred to their hometown as a concrete jungle, they spoke metaphorically. But little did they know there's a real jungle in the city. Located on East 43rd street and in a Midtown Manhattan building that houses the Ford Foundation, a miniature rainforest grows. The rainforest is housed in a 12-story high glass and steel building. Found in this indoor jungle are giant tress, magnolias, and garden terraces. Two giant glass walls and ceilings act as a bigger than life greenhouse which creates the tropical conditions for plant life to flourish throughout all four seasons in New York.

Midtown's Waterfall at Greenacre Park

Most New Yorkers don't know they don't have to sit in a car and drive out of the city to get a view of cascading water. They can do it right here. Built in 1971 and located in the Greenacre Park in Midtown Manhattan, lives a tumbling 25-foot-high waterfall surrounded by fragrant flowers.

A Unique View of the Manhattan Skyline via an Aerial Tram

This aerial tram is located on Roosevelt Island and accepts MTA MetroCards. From the tram, you get an up-close view of the New York skyline that would be impossible to see on foot. The aerial tram travels 3,100 feet and holds up to 110 people.

Gallery of Whispered Secrets at Grand Central

There's a secret archway in Grand Central's station where you can whisper secrets into the wall. If you have someone stand on the opposite side of the archway, they will be able to hear your secret just as clear as if you whispered it directly into their ear. This is the perfect place for a unique marriage proposal.

Get Your Aura Read at Magic Jewelry

In a small jewelry shop on Centre Street in China Town you can get your aura read. Your picture is taken by a feng shui master who snaps a photo of you using a bulky black box with sensors that detects your energy. The camera captures a person's naturally occurring electric field which is believed to be their aura. Besides aura readings, Magic Jewelry specializes in crystals, feng shui, and horoscope readings.

Samantha Greaves is a freelance writer and author living in Brooklyn, New York. When not writing for Parachute, she can be found drinking coffee or wine, depending on the hour, while blogging via her website SamanthaGWrites.com.

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