Most Haunted Places in San Francisco

From the Castro to the Mission, San Francisco does not skimp when it comes to celebrating Halloween. Of course there are the bar crawls and elaborate costumes, but if you want to get some real chills, there are plenty of places that are rumored to be haunted. Explore at your own risk...

Stow Lake

After the crowds are gone, and the boats are tied up to the dock, if you listen carefully you might hear a soft ripple in the lake. If you see a ghostly figure of a woman wandering around and in the lake, she is looking for her baby that fell into the water. Strange things have happened for those brave enough to walk around the lake at night --cars have stalled, statues have come to life, and some have even claimed to see the White Lady themselves.


This federal prison is believed to be one of the most haunted in the country. There have been reports of whispers throughout the cells, cold spots and shadows of phantoms in the corridors. For those brave enough to see signs of spirits themselves, the nighttime tour of the jail is an ideal activity.

UCSF Medical Center

This teaching hospital has many ghost stories associated with it (unsurprisingly) since a lot of death has taken place in its walls. One of the most haunted parts is the then pediatrics unit on the eight floor, where there were so many spirits of children that they had to get the place exorcised. There have also been reports of the ghosts of women haunting the halls of the Labor and Delivery and Intensive Care Nursery who have died in childbirth.

Queen Anne Hotel

A favorite spot for ghost hunters, this hotel is believed to be haunted by a former teacher, back when the hotel was an all-girl's school. She is mostly likely to be found in room 410 where her old office and residence used to be.

The Neptune Society's Columbarium

Holding the remains of about 30, 000 San Franciscans, there have been numerous reports of ghost sights and strange unexplainable occurrences from caretakers and visitors alike.

Julia is a freelance writer and native San Franciscan, born and raised. She is the founder of Small World This Is, and has written for Matador, Roads and Kingdoms, and USA Today.