Most Haunted Places in Wichita

As an Old West town, you better believe that Wichita has its fair share of ghost stories and sightings. Throw in some of the surrounding cities and you have plenty of areas where the hairs on the back of your neck will stand at attention as you see, hear, and feel things that are not exactly normal. Here are some of the most haunted places in Wichita.

Theorosa's Bridge - Valley Center
Theorosa's Bridge, or the 109th Street Bridge as it is officially known, crosses Jesters Creek in an off-the-beaten-path area about three miles north of Valley Center. There are two legends associated with the bridge, the most chilling being about a group of Native Americans ambushing a pioneer group at the bridge site and carrying off a child named Theorosa in the process. Her mother was driven mad with grief and wandered the creek till her death crying out for her baby.

Bel Aire Water Tower - Bel Aire
Bel Aire has a water tower that is haunted by the ghost of a man who fell to his death when the tower was first constructed. The man plunged over 180 feet to his death after sneaking in one night. The workers realized they would have to tear down the tower to remove the body, so they continued construction around it. It is said that today you can hear a faint knocking from the man trying to get out if you get close enough to the tower.

Broadview Hotel - Wichita
Located in downtown Wichita, the Broadview Hotel is an eight-story piece of architecture that was built in 1922. It has an interesting and engaging history, including a basement that was used as a speakeasy during prohibition and then as a bomb shelter during the early years of the Cold War. The haunting here comes in the form a man named Clarence. Clarence committed a murder/suicide in the hotel in 1929, shooting his wife then jumping eight floors to his death after finding out she was having an affair. Clarence is apparently quite the prankster these days, causing phones to ring, soap dispensers to work with no one near them and curtains to stick to the ceiling.

McConnell Airforce Base - Wichita
There is a lot going on at McConnell Airforce Base. This is a big space in the middle of Wichita and many have claimed to hear strange and unexplained sounds while working on aircraft in various parts of the base. People also to have seen strange lights flickering on and off at night in supposedly empty buildings. Finally, and most bizarrely, if it is foggy out around Halloween there have been sightings of a WWII era aircraft landing on the runway before mysteriously disappearing into the mist.

Michael Wright has lived in Wichita for 10 years and is a frequent visitor to the Old Town district. He writes for a living and loved to instill a passion for travel into others.