Chile's Magic Mountain Hotel: A Real Life Fairy Tale

A volcano emerges from between the southern Andes mountains, a stunning waterfall flowing from its peak. It is called the Magic Mountain, and you can stay there. The Magic Mountain Lodge, or Montana Magica, in Chile is a real life fairy tale hotel, complete with a shaky wooden drawbridge to let guests into their rooms.

A Fairy Tale is Spun
Originally a place for friends to stay while they enjoyed the hunting and fishing resources of the Hulio Hulio reserve, the name is taken from a favorite book of the owners. The story describes a mountain that has magical powers and grants wishes, called The Magic Mountain. The Magic Mountain Lodge is part of the complex Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve. It is the first hotel to be conceived as a harmonious copy of a mountain; the lodge was built with noble indigenous materials by artisans from the neighboring communities of Neltume and Puerto Fuy.

Escape Reality
Enjoy being away from civilization in the self-sufficient lodge. Dine at the restaurant, "Meson del Bosque" – The Forest Table. All meals are taken here and you'll get the opportunity to sample some authentic Chilean cooking. During the evening the restaurant provides a bar where you can enjoy the traditional Chilean Pisco Sour. Made of grape liqueur, mixed with lemon juice and sugar. Each of the 12 rooms has a private bathroom, and the rooms are named with plants and animals found in the park. Relax in the spa that is shared with the Nothofagus Hotel, soak in one of the indoor or outdoor pools, or enjoy a book in the reading room. For extra indulgence, take a relaxation bath in an ancient trunk.

Explore the Rain forest
If you seek something more active, there is plenty to do. From horseback riding, mountain biking, expeditions, to paintball, mini golf and so much more, there is something for everyone.
But the highlight of your stay will be found among the tropical landscape. Huilo Huilo is part of a unique ecosystem in the Patagonian Rain forest, a region which is still relatively unexplored. The engagement in scientific research and conservation in this area is internationally recognized. The Valdivian eco-region, also known as the Valdivian Rain forest is also a part of this region. It is made up of a narrow strip of forest, and is one the 25 most valued and endangered eco-regions on the planet. Recognized as a biodiversity hotspot, its biological importance is due to its high amount of endemic species, its great variety of habitats and its unique vegetation. It is home to extraordinary species and a unique flora and fauna, which date back to the age of the super continent of Gondwana. The Valdivian eco-region has been naturally isolated for thousands of years and, as a result, a unique vegetation and animal life with very particular characteristics developed. It has some of the richest and most extraordinary biodiversity in the world.

Elisa Domenick is a writer and documentary filmmaker with a passion for adventure and exploring places off the beaten path.