Why You Should Move to Cape Breton, Canada if Trump Wins

As the 2016 U.S. presidential election quickly approaches and poll results indicate that the two top candidates are almost neck-and-neck, there has been a burst of talk among some Americans about moving to Canada if Trump beats Clinton. Cape Breton Island, part of Canada's Nova Scotia province, has jumped on this bandwagon with a website that proclaims Cape Breton Island favors diversity and welcomes "all, no matter who you support, be it Democrat, Republican or Donald Trump."

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Cape Breton's website indicates that years of economic decline have led to a precipitous drop in population, and that its leaders have seized on the "move to Canada" buzz as a way out of this decline. So what does Cape Breton offer Americans running away from potential President Trump? Here are some of its key benefits:

Cape Breton is a beautiful place to live
The island offers spectacular natural beauty. New residents will enjoy Highlands National Park, which features hiking trails with views of waterfalls, amazing wildlife, rugged bluffs and the magnificently craggy coastline. For those who prefer sightseeing from their car, the Cabot Trail highway offers views of both the ocean and the mountains peaks.

harbour of Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton IslandGetty/Hans-Peter Merten

Cape Breton isn't as cold as you think
Cape Breton Island's climate resembles that of the Northeastern states of the United States. Temperatures reach the 80s, allowing a variety of fun outdoor activities. And when the winter wind blows, be glad that The Glenora Inn & Distillery, producer of Canada's only single-malt whisky, which is sure to provide some inner warmth, is close by.

Cape Breton is affordable
According to Cape Breton's website, the island offers "the most affordable housing market in North America."

Cape Breton provides a great education
While Cape Breton University is relatively new, it is home to over 3,000 students, almost a third of whom are international students who come from at least 40 different countries. They are attracted by its ambitious educational agenda in the liberal arts, sciences, and entrepreneurial fields.

Cape Breton is easy to get to
J.A. Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport (YQY) is centrally located and offers flights from a number of different airlines, including Air Canada Express, WestJet, WestJet Encore and Air St. Pierre.

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