6 Unusual Museums In Illinois

Everyone is familiar with the Art Institute Of Chicago, The Field Museum and the Museum Of Science And Industry in Chicago. These are the staple museums of many family vacations. But did you know there are many other fascinating museums in Illinois? Take a look at the list below and plan to go somewhere unusually unique on your next visit.

Volo Auto Museum (Volo, IL)
With 33 exhibits, this museum should have something to interest everyone. The museum has cars from the rich and famous, some that were used in TV and movies, hot rods and a monster truck.

Super Museum (Metropolis, IL)
Featuring all kinds of Superman collectibles and a display of George Reeves' costume as well as a souvenir shop, this is a Superman fan's dream.

Spinach Can Collectibles Museum (Chester, IL)
This tourist attraction is dedicated to everyone's favorite spinach eater, Popeye.

Unusual Museums In Chicago

International Museum Of Surgical Science

This building features over 7,000 artifacts relating to the history of surgery. This includes a circa 1500 Australian amputation saw with reversible blade. The museum also features over 600 works of art related to the surgical field.

The Money Museum
This exhibition is a big hit with kids. Featuring a giant glass cube filled with 1 million in $1 dollar bills can be quite fascinating. Kids can go home with a bag of shredded money from the Federal Reserve Bank Of Chicago. The reserve shreds about $10 million worth of old, worn out money every day. The Museum is free to get into. Due to it being a post 9/11 federal building, tourists will have to go through a metal detector.

National Museum Of Mexican Art
This gallery houses over 7'000 works of art. The pieces date from the pre-Columbian era to the present. Visitors especially enjoy the artwork that relates to Mexico's Day Of The Dead observances.

As you can see, there are a variety of museums for every taste in the "Land Of Lincoln".

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