Five Best Places for Biscuits and Gravy in Kansas City

Kansas Citians don't always agree on the best BBQ in town, but the one thing they do agree on is that everybody loves breakfast. Most eat it at home but when you're craving a tummy-filling, savory gravy, melt-in-your mouth biscuit this is where to get the eats in Kansas City.

Happy Gillis Cafe and Hangout
Located off the beaten path in the Columbus Park area of Kansas City, this corner restaurant is small but mighty. If you look behind the register you'll see all of the tasty eats cooked on hot plates—biscuits and gravy included. The savory dish features soft biscuits to soak up every last morsel of the sausage gravy from Broadway Butcher.

The Farmhouse
The Farmhouse is the quintessential farm to table restaurant, sourcing ingredients from local farmers, creameries and butchers. The biscuits and gravy are served up in two ways at this River Market eatery. Traditional biscuits and gravy with sausage gravy, and then there's the Lord Kenzo for the adventurous (and very hungry!). Two house-made biscuits are topped with cheddar cheese, pork sausage patty, pork sausage gravy and a fried-hard egg from local Windhaven Farms.

Room 39
Located in one of the most eclectic neighborhoods in midtown Kansas City, their biscuits and gravy does justice to the dish and does it well. These homemade cream biscuits are served with sausage gravy, or mushroom gravy if you'd like to make it vegetarian. The best option is to go with a friend and get a plate of each.

When a tourist asks for comfort food they're immediately directed to Rye in Leawood, KS. The delicious smells of cornbread and fried chicken greet you at the door. Served on a bed of garden greens, the biscuits are covered in a sausage gravy topped with sunny-side up eggs.

Blue Bird Bistro
Located just outside of downtown Kansas City in the Westside neighborhood, this quiet neighborhood features a well-kept secret tucked behind the bright blue doors of Blue Bird Bistro. House made biscuits are soaked in organic cream gravy with mushrooms. Be sure to add the farm fresh egg and bison sausage for an extra kick.

Adrienne has been searching for the best breakfast in Kansas City for the past 20 years and her adventure continues.