Offbeat Travel Destinations That Will Make You Appreciate Home

Sometimes home really is the best place to be. Especially when you consider these unsavory travel destinations that will make you appreciate the good life we have here in the States.


Pitcairn is a tiny volcanic island in the beautiful South Pacific Ocean that is primarily populated with the descendants of the Bounty ship mutiny. The total population of the island is only about 50, with a land area of two miles long and one mile wide. To get to Pitcairn, you must travel by longboat from Bounty Bay.

The inhabitants of Pitcairn don't have to work for a living. Instead, the island residents subsist on selling Pitcairn postage stamps online. The rest of the time they're free to lie on the sand all day listening to the lapping of the waves on the shoreline.

Sound idyllic? Almost, except that in 2004, a third of the males on the island were charged with child sexual assault, and most were convicted and imprisoned. The dark secret remains an anchor around this seeming island of paradise. In 2010, 25 Pitcairn males were charged with having underage pornography on their computers, and to this day, children cannot visit the island without special permission from authorities.

Alnwick Poison Garden

Adjacent to Alnwick Castle in Northumberland England is a charming little place called the Poison Garden. Originally intended to educate medical practitioners and the public about drugs and other poisons, the garden features plants like hemlock, ricin and foxglove, as well as ones that produce strychnine and more. There's a quaint welcome sign with skulls and crossbones that declares: "These plants can kill." Visitors are further warned not to touch or smell any of the plants. Gives you a different perspective on those harmless dandelion weeds in your front yard, right?

Bogota, Colombia

It's a shame that an entire city has to be on this list. After all, Bogota is a beautiful, historical city rich with Spanish architecture and stunning cathedrals. Not to mention the lively music and delicious food. Unfortunately, it's just too darn easy for tourists to simply disappear off the face of the earth while traveling around the rural areas of Bogota. Criminal armies routinely ambush unsuspecting tourists driving along the jungle-lined roads. These murderous bandits will either rob and kill the occupants, or kidnap them for ransom. One minute you're admiring the fresh air and countryside and the next you're looking at the wrong end of a rifle. It's such a common occurrence that tourists are advised not to travel by car at all or to pay for a military escort. Suddenly that weekend traffic on your way to Costco doesn't seem so bad, does it?

Kate Supino is a freelance travel writer who enjoys traveling, but also appreciates home sweet home.