Where to Celebrate on Election Night in New York City

This year's U.S. Presidential campaign has been especially contentious with accusations of lies and wrong-doing on both sides. It has also been a close race, with both candidates running neck-and-neck in the polls at times. Since the names on the top of the ticket often have an impact on the folks running in state and local elections (if only because they increase voter turnout), everyone has a lot on the line. As a result, the supporters of the winner are going to want to celebrate in a big way once election night finally rolls around.

Since it is always more fun to celebrate with a crowd of like-minded individuals, November 8 is absolutely the night to get out of the house and party (or commiserate). So where should you go? Here are some great places to celebrate election night in New York City based on your party affiliation:


Brooklyn Field Office –Clinton supporters have held numerous official events throughout the campaign at this office, so expect it to be lively on election night, too.

Clinton Foundation – Given the ties between the Clinton Campaign and the Clintons' not-for-profit foundation, expect that there will be lots of celebrating here if Hillary wins.

Manhattan Field Office – Hillary has done lots of fundraising in NYC and this office has been a key part of her campaign. So there is likely to be a big turn-out here on election eve.


Manhattan Republican Club – The Upper East Side townhouse that serves as home to the Manhattan Republican Club is sure to be busy as the election results come in.

Trump Tower – The site of numerous election events already, expect Trump Tower to be crowded with supporters and detractors alike.

Woman's National Republican Club – Since 1921, the Woman's National Republican Club, which has members from every state and the District of Columbia, has hosted a plethora of meetings, events, and yes, election night parties.

Victoria Otto Franzese is a proud New Yorker who owned, operated, and wrote for a successful online travel guide for 15 years. Now, thankfully, all of her travel is purely for fun. See where she's going next at @VOFranzese.