The Raleigh Democrat's Guide To The Election Day After-Party

You've been to the rallies, watched the debates, and on November 8, you'll make it official. You're with Her. You've analyzed the electoral map daily and are feeling pretty confident about Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump. Now the only thing left to do is figure out where you should toast to the first female President of the United States of America. We've got you covered.

If you're a Democrat, you probably live inside the city limits of Raleigh. At least, that's according to Stanford University's ESRI map of the 2008 election results by voting precinct (shown below).

With that in mind, these are the best places for you to raise a glass to victory on election night, and the places you are least likely to hear chants of "Trump, Trump, Trump," if Hillary loses.

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar
Located right next to Peace College, you're likely to run into a few young democrats at this bar. As you're downing your burger, you can talk about the promise of a new era with a new president.

Clouds Brewing
Remind yourself that there isn't anything American ingenuity can't accomplish by visiting Clouds Brewing and its wall of taps. Raise glass after glass to the new madam president – after voting of course.

Tribeca Tavern
Admittedly, Tribeca Tavern is for the "politically mature." Located between I-440 and I-540, the bar sits on the border between strong Democrat and Republican strongholds. Choose this bar if you are on a diplomatic mission to bring our country together after a particularly divisive election season.

Wakefield Tavern
Believe it or not, there are democrats in rural areas. Wakefield Tavern happens to sit right in the middle of a democratic precinct. Huddle with like-minded citizens and remember to wear your blue shirt!

That's our list of some places to plan your election night after-party. Whether you're a Democrat, Republican or Independent, let us know where you plan to party in the comments below.

Ken Jones is a freelance marketing professional in Raleigh. Through his company, KMF Strategies, he helps small businesses reach their goals and keep moving forward.