Crazy Sandwiches at the Staggering Ox in Billings, MT

National Sandwich Day is November 3rd. Billings has a number of delicious sandwich shops that you can check out - Great Harvest Bread Co, Pickle Barrel, TOPZ Sandwich Company, Pug Mahon's, Lisa's Sandwich Den, Grains of Montana and Chalet Market. But if you're looking for the craziest sandwich in Billings that just happens to be great tasting, too, you'll need to head to the Staggering Ox.

The Crazy Clubfoot

The craziest sandwiches are called "Clubfoots" and come in a hollowed out column of bread that's filled with fresh ingredients and a sauce you choose. How can you pass up a sandwich called "Mount St. Helens" or a sauce called "Camel Spit" (a tasty creamy cucumber/dill sauce)? The bread is made on site. The sandwiches are loaded with fresh vegetables and you can add as much or as little sauce as you like since it comes in a separate container.

Choices, Choices, Choices

When you go up to the counter to order from the extensive menu, you are able to choose the type of sandwich you want. The clubfoot is a cold sandwich and the flatfoot is a panini-type sandwich. They also make a few grilled sandwiches. You choose the bread (French, wheat or the daily special) and the sauce. Whoever came up the the names of some of the sandwiches had a sense of humor for sure. If you're not in the mood for a sandwich, they have potatoes or rice with hearty toppings, salads, soup, chili, quesadillas, and naoxachos ("pronounced nachos - the ox is silent"). It's a kid-friendly place with a children's menu that includes good stuff like "ox fingers" made from the hollowed out bread, meat and cheese. They serve beer and wine just in case your kids, other people's kids, the election or the world in general is driving you crazy.

The Hen House Clubfoot

Hope you enjoy your sandwich, as much as I enjoyed mine.

Teresa Otto has lived in Billings Montana since 2000. She loves traveling, photography and short track speed skating.