Five Crazy Good Sandwiches in Kansas City

National Sandwich Day is nearly upon us! November 3 is the day to go out and celebrate mankind's greatest culinary innovation. Kansas City is no stranger to delicious sandwiches; here are five of the best "stuff between slices of bread" that Kansas City has to offer:

1. Grinder's Kansas City - Philly Cheese Steak

It is practically blasphemy to say it, but the cheese steak at Grinder's could hold its own against even the titans of Philadelphia. Grinder's itself is a particularly fun venue. It has a nice, laid-back vibe, a huge beer selection, a ton of great food options (if you somehow get sick of the Philly, try the pizza or wings), and an awesome outdoor music venue that gets some surprisingly impressive national acts. You can get their Philly with either steak or turkey, provolone or Cheeze Whiz, and with hot peppers if you so choose. The bread perfectly soaks up those flavors. Come here with some friends, sit on the patio, and enjoy the best Philly in the city.

2. Pigwich - BBQ Pork Sandwich (The Pigwich)

Pigwich is an outdoor eatery connected to The Local Pig butcher shop, and you cannot go wrong with any of their sandwiches. The Pigwich, their signature sandwich, is a smoked BBQ pork sandwich with a delicious slaw on top. It is the perfect mix of salty, sweet, and smoky, and the delicious crunch of the slaw makes for a perfect bite. Every sandwich at Pigwich is delicious - it is really a place you cannot go wrong. And at only $9 for a sandwich, drink, and chips, you can afford to grab lunch here every week. Or twice a week. Or more.

3. Plantain District - Cubano Sandwich

The Plantain District is a delicious Cuban food truck that serves some of the most delicious and authentic Cuban food in Kansas City. Everything on their delicious Cubano sandwich is made with balance in mind: the pork is smoked and brined to perfection, and the bread is made with lard to add some rich flavor to the sandwich. Even the pickles are made specially by the chef, and there is a unique tartness to them that not many sliced pickles can boast. This food truck can be booked for events and moves around daily, but their location and schedule can always be found on their Facebook page. They are generally found at the above location, but also show up in the River Market fairly often. Look them up before you go searching!

4. Jazz - Shrimp Po' Boy

Po' Boys are truly an amazing creation. Fried seafood, lettuce, and remoulade (a mayo-based condiment with some spice to it), encapsulated in a perfect baguette: crunchy crust and fluffy center. To get a taste of the this Cajun classic in your life, Jazz is the place to go. You can get pretty much any type of seafood (or even some andouille sausage) on your po' boy, but shrimp is my pick. Jazz has free blues music every night (often performed by a one man band), some great patio seating, and a great happy hour: 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.-close every Monday through Friday. If you are not feeling like a sandwich but still want to enjoy some Creole cooking, order the etouffee. It will do you right.

5. Joe's Kansas City - The Z-Man

Finally, the signature sandwich of the best barbeque joint in town. Joe's Kansas City (formerly Oklahoma Joe's) brings you the Z-Man, which is essentially the perfect barbeque sandwich. It's covered in Joe's excellent smoked brisket, provolone cheese, and two crispy onion rings, all tucked into a buttery kaiser roll. It is simple, but something about the combination of flavors elevates this sandwich to one of the "must-tries" of Kansas City. You can also vary it up by ordering a portobello Z-Man (which is about the only vegetarian option in the entire restaurant), or you can sub in barbeque chicken. Either way, no visit to Kansas City is complete without a Z-Man. Call your order in ahead of time to skip the always outrageous line.

Any other crazy good Kansas City sandwiches to try on National Sandwich Day? Let us know in the comments below!

Jordan Baranowski is a writer and teacher in Kansas City. He loves the food, drink, and culture of the city. You can check out his "Where to Play Pinball in Kansas City" here and his "Where to Celebrate on Election Night in Kansas City" here. You can find his YouTube channel here.