The 6 Craziest Sandwiches in Seneca, SC

The sandwich has been a traditional go-to staple found in kitchens and lunch boxes for decades. But good news for you if you've had your fill of PB&J or ham and cheese - there's plenty of room on the sandwich scene for crafty, tasty, one-of-a-kind creations, and we've found the examples that prove it. Here are the top 6 craziest sandwiches in Seneca, SC, that go beyond the mundane and think outside the crust:

1. The Wedgie (Wings & Wedgies)
It sounds uncomfortable (and a little embarrassing), but once you take the first bite you'll never think of wedgies the same way again. The Wedgie is a sandwich with your choice of deli meats and traditional sandwich "fixin's" enveloped in delicious pizza dough and baked to perfection. Choose from chicken, ribeye, cheeseburger, and club, and for those brave enough, they even serve up an Atomic wedgie.

2. Strawberry Stack (Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe)
Apparently, Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe is notorious for its unique concoctions, but the Strawberry Stack definitely takes the cake. Grilled ham, turkey and bacon join forces with melted Swiss cheese and Texas toast. Then, powdered sugar and a strawberry spread delivers the coup de grace to defeat the boring lunch experience and bring forth a new sandwich superhero.

3. Pizzadilla (Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe)
Okay, so some folks might not call it a sandwich, but it certainly meets the right criteria. Mexican and Italian flavors combine in a large tortilla stuffed with pizza sauce, melted cheeses and pepperonis. It's like a thin and crispy Mexican calzone.

4. Build-Your-Burger Experience (The Tiki Hut)
The Tiki Hut's idyll locale on the lake isn't the only thing they've got going for them. They also have the knack to turn a blah burger into an extraordinary experience for your taste buds. Start with the basics, then add unique amplifiers like ghost pepper cheese, blue cheese, guacamole, or even a fried egg for a creative twist on this classic American favorite.

5. BLFGT (Ye Old Sandwich Shoppe)
You've never had a BLT quite like this anywhere else. If you're a fan of fried green tomatoes (the food, not the movie) you owe it to yourself to try the BLFGT. Bacon, lettuce, and fried green tomatoes topped with ranch dressing pile on to warm Texas toast to make one crazy-good upgrade to the traditional BLT.

6. Bird Dog (Yogo Express)
Though it sounds like a mutant animal, it's actually chicken strips served on a hot dog bun, then topped with bacon, cheese, and homemade honey mustard, ranch, or buffalo ranch dressing. You won't find this at your next backyard barbecue!

Alli Hill is a native of Seneca, SC and graduate of Lander University. Aside from her career as a freelance writer, Alli loves spending time with her two energetic toddlers and loving husband.