Craziest Sandwiches in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city that loves great food, and has always been a foodie paradise. We have Iron Chefs and Top Chefs, our neighborhoods are bursting with incredible flavors and cuisines from all around the world, and we've been called one of the best cities in the U.S. for pizza and burgers, while also being declared the country's very best city for late-night eats. But sometimes you need a little more, and Philly has no problem keeping things interesting. Check out some of the craziest sandwiches you can get in the city that SAVEUR Magazine declared, "America's Best Sandwich City."

Ultimate Philly Cheesesteak- Tony Luke's

The cheesesteak is the most famous sandwich to associated with Philadelphia, and while many establishments serve them, Tony Luke's is one of the better known places to get one. But that's nothing to really brag about, unless of course you've ordered their Ultimate Cheesesteak. At nearly two feet long, with six piles of steak and cheese and a ton of fried onions, it's no surprise that this sandwich made it on an episode of "Man vs. Food." in 2009. Don't let your wallet be surprised though, this hefty sandwich comes with a hefty price of $43.

Whiskey King Burger- Village Whiskey

Despite the name, this whopper of a sandwich at Village Whiskey is more meat than whiskey. It's an 8 oz. burger topped with blue cheese, bacon and maple-bourbon glazed cippolini, plus a thick slab of foie gras. If you can stomach all of that, be prepared to stomach the $26 price tag.

Hot Dog Fish Cake Combo - Johnny's Hots

It may be a questionable take on surf and turf, but it's not as gross as the name implies. The fish cake, a combination of seafood in patty form, is grilled, diced, and mashed inside of a split hot dog, with pepper hash, all encased within a torpedo roll. In case you weren't certain, Johnny's Hots is not a health food spot.

Schmitter® Sandwich- McNally's Tavern

Head to Chestnut Hill for a variation on the cheesesteak so good that it's been copyrighted. A favorite at McNally's Tavern for more than 40 years, The Schmitter® is packed with sliced beef, extra cheese, fried onions, grilled tomato, grilled salami and special sauce all onto a flash-broiled Kaiser roll, instead of a long hoagie roll. The Schmitter® is so intense, it may have you hitting the, err, restroom afterwards.

Tripe Sandwich- George's Sandwich Shop

This sandwich is truly for the hardcore crazy food fans. George's Sandwich Shop is one of the few who have conquered this seemingly gross ingredient, but they did it so well, you'll forget that you're consuming the muscular wall of a cow's stomach. Honeycomb tripe is slowly stewed in a spicy tomato based sauce until it is tender, then it's served on a roll with provolone cheese. Seems simple, but what's most impressive about this sandwich is the roll, freshly baked each day by family run Sarcone's Bakery. The roll's sponge-like insides sop up the flavorful juices, while its outer layer acts as a fortress, preventing the tomato sauce from penetrating its crusty wall. It's worth a try, even for the most conservative and cautious eaters.


Philly Taco

If you want to enjoy two famous South Street institutions at once, then step up to the Lorenzo's-Jim's Challenge, also known as "The Philly Taco." Marrying Lorenzo's delicious, but gigantic pizza and Jim's superb cheesesteaks, by literally wrapping the giant pizza slice around the cheesesteak. The "challenge" is not for the gastronomically faint of heart.

Elisa Domenick is a writer and documentary filmmaker with a passion for adventure and exploring places off the beaten path.