Craziest Sandwiches in Philly

Philly's certainly got the market cornered when it comes to finger food. Our signature sandwich, the cheesesteak, has been renowned and imitated all over the planet. Our other sandwiches, while not necessarily equally famous, are definitely just as tasty and some of them are even a little wacky. In no particular order, here's a look at some of Philly's craziest sandwiches yet.

1. The Hoagie Day's 500 Foot Long Hoagie at Wawa

Any Philly-bred (get it, bread?) individual will argue you down in a fierce debate about whether or not our hoagies are actually subs, grinders, etc. They are not. The Philly hoagie is an entity all its own and the family owned and operated Wawa chain knows how to do hoagies big, really big, like that episode of the Simpsons where Homer orders an enormous sub big times a thousand.

In 1992, during the now infamous Hoagie Day event, Wawa wheeled out a 500 foot long hoagie and offered it to festival goers free of charge. The giant hoagie isn't just an iconic symbol of Philadelphia; it's also part of an initiative to feed Philly's hungry and impoverished residents. As of late, the 500 foot long hoagie has grown into 60 tons of hoagie divided into 23,000 individual portions. You can sample a shortie hoagie at Wawa any day of the year to bring the spirit of this hoagie festival to your table and family.

2. The Meatloaf Sandwich at Paesano's

Paesano's in the Italian Market features a plethora of strange sandwiches including the meatloaf parmesan. This crafty concoction is comprised of a slab of crispy meatloaf drizzled in spaghetti sauce, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and served hot on a Philly-style roll. Sound strangely delicious? Other delicacies include a Sicilian chickpea pancake sandwich and a liver sandwich with gorgonzola cheese.

3. The Doh!Nut at PYT

Both salty and sweet, this PYT sandwich is definitely not for dieters. It consists of a glazed donut in lieu of a bun, a mouthwatering, all American burger smothered in cheese and it's topped off with a healthy heaping of chocolate covered bacon. In the way of sandwiches, it doesn't get much wackier than this.

4. Beet Cured Salmon on A Pretzel Roll at High Street on Market

High Street on Market brings us such an artistic take on two Philly classics and the fact that this sandwich is garnished with Philly cream cheese takes it right over the top. Here we see that the sandwich and the pretzel absolutely can coexist in the same delicious universe. The sandwich itself is so beautiful, you almost feel guilty digging in but after that first bite, you will surely want another.

5. The Uncle Mike at Tony Luke's

Tony Luke's is pretty famous amidst the locals for their cheesesteaks but they've also done wonders with their vegetarian hoagies. If you've ever wondered what sautéed veggies would taste like if they were smothered in yummy marinara sauce and served on a delectable Philly roll, now you know. The Uncle Mike puts an unexpectedly Italian twist on vegan sandwich eating.

As you can see, Philly's not afraid to take chances when it comes to our sandwiches, but we're upping the ante on other foods as well. In the City of Brotherly Love, you're sure to find some interesting meals ranging from insect tacos to fried ice cream and just about everything in between. We're certainly the city to see if you like to eat outside the box.

Pennsylvania native and resident Cynthia Griffith is a full-time staff writer for the Philadelphia section of The Poet's Guide. Her musings on the topic of Philly, Wilmington and the suburbs between them has earned her a spot as a longtime contributor for popular blogs like VisitWilmingtonde, Buzzoto Beat, Modern Chic Magazine and more.