Take a Bite Out of the Craziest Sandwiches in Salt Lake City

There are some fantastic sandwiches in Salt Lake City (see my previous recommendations here), but only the truly ambitious will attempt to tackle these legendary bites. Each of these creative concoctions, from the enormous to the eclectic, call Salt Lake City home and a few have even had their 15 minutes of fame on TV. So sit back and loosen your belt as we tour the craziest sandwiches Salt Lake can serve up.

The Sloppy Joe, Feldman's Deli
This sandwich is not what you think it is. Piled high with freshly cut and cured meat imported from a famous Jewish deli in New York City, Feldman's Sloppy Joe is actually a take on a Reuben. Corned beef and pastrami and absolutely no substitutions, please.

The Big John, Grove Market
The offerings at Grove Market, established in 1947, are already massive, so it's hard to imagine what else might might be in this sandwich that would earn such an enormous name. When it arrives, stuffed with 7 deli meats and three different cheeses, you'll understand that you've just bought yourself lunch and dinner.

Barbacoa Sandwich, Buds
Umm... are we sure this is vegan? It's hard to imagine this grilled jackfruit and black bean delight slathered in ginger sour cream doesn't contain an ounce of guilt and gluttony, but it's true. Buds is renowned for fantastic sandwiches made from 100% plant based ingredients. Don't know what jackfruit is? That's okay. You only need to know that it's delicious.

Meatball Sub, Moochie's
Some meatballs and a bit of sauce surrounded by bread doesn't sound like a recipe for awesome. And yet it is. Moochie's meatball subs have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, where Guy proclaimed this unassuming sub made by a Philadelphia native would "knock your head off." Add jalapenos to go atomic because why not.

Artichoke & Tomato Melt, The Melty Way
A restaurant that specializes in just grilled cheese? Isn't that a bit mundane? Nope. The Melty Way has turned cheese into an art form with their 10 takes on a classic grilled cheese. This one tastes like it just wandered out of the garden, heavy with artichokes, grape tomatoes, provolone, and a basil pesto. Melty Way has already found the way to Salt Lake City's heart and it involves cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.

Kaz Weida is a parenting and food blogger who has been hunting down the best Salt Lake City has to offer for the last decade. She speaks fluent sarcasm and has a penchant for all things vintage. You can find her blogging at asweetlittlelife.com.

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