Top Instagrammable Spots in Phoenix

Do you love taking photographs and posting them on Instagram? In every city, there are places that offer inspiration for some breathtaking snapshots. Grab your smartphone and discover these 5 Instagrammable worthy spots in Phoenix:

Camelback Mountain

Serene views, majestic landscapes and photo-worthy angles make Camelback Mountain an ideal place to stop to take pictures. You can either take a snapshot at the base of the mountain or challenge yourself by hiking either the Cholla or Echo Canyon trails. At the top of Camelback, you are able to see panoramic views of the city.

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Sunsets in nature

It doesn't take too much effort to catch a brilliant sunset in Phoenix. Whether you are dining at a restaurant, taking a walk outside or sitting on your porch, most nights you can gaze out the door and witness vibrant colors that illuminate the sky. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, head out to the Desert Botanical Garden to add the desert landscape in your photographs.


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Butterfly Wonderland

A butterfly garden offers so many opportunities to capture the vibrant colors of beautiful wings in a natural habitat. Experience the rainforest and view butterflies from around the world landing on natural greenery long enough for you to take the picture.

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Biltmore Hotel

The walking grounds of this historic hotel will offer several opportunities to photograph flowers, the desert landscape or any number of historical statutes on the site. With palm trees in the background and lush desert flowers in the landscape, there are several Instagram moments on this sprawling estate.

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For 6 - 7 months of the year, Phoenix weather is wonderful to enjoy. The even climate makes it a perfect venue to host all types of festivals almost year round. Hot air balloons are a popular attraction in Phoenix and every year University of Phoenix Stadium hosts the Out West Balloon Festival. Balloons in the night sky are certainly the perfect Instagram moment to display on your feed.

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