Maryland Through Instagram's Squares of Beauty

If you want to know what Marylanders are all about, I've gathered a collection of Instagram images that best represents some of our most treasured objects and places and also shows off our Old Line State character.

The Maryland Crab

Nothing beats the taste of Maryland crabs. The reputation of the Maryland crab cake is known far and wide, so no matter where you're from, you've likely come across a restaurant advertising "Maryland crab cakes". Be that as it may, unless you're actually in Maryland, it's considerably doubtful that you'll experience the taste of an authentic Maryland crab cake. Some of the local favorite places here to get crabs are Reter's Crabhouse and Grille located in Reisterstown, Cantler's Riverside Inn in Annapolis, and L.P. Steamers in Baltimore. Having said that, we don't just like our crabs for dinner. Spend much time here, and you'll see the crab on our jewelry, artwork, car decals, key chains, mugs, and we even have crab medals.

Maryland Flag

Welcome to Maryland❤️❤️ #marylandlove💜 #pineapplelovers #pumpkineverything #fedhillshopping #tidedowndesigns #shoppandorasboxboutique

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Not only will you find our flag on the sides of houses and cars, but you'll find the Maryland flag pattern all over, and on almost any item you can think of. Visit one of the local boutiques, like Pandora's Box in Baltimore, or any souvenir shop around Annapolis, and you'll see what I'm talking about. We like to show our Maryland pride on car decals, shaped like crabs of course, as well as keychains, blankets, scarfs, and notecards.

Baltimore Ravens

Pop in any store, restaurant, or bar around Maryland on a Sunday during football season and you'll notice that almost everyone is wearing purple. We're very supportive and proud of the Baltimore Ravens, and love to showcase our purple pride. Lots of schools and workplaces also join in the fun by having football Friday, giving employees and students a chance to show off their new football gear and root for their favorite team. Not only do we outfit ourselves in purple, we also like to dress up our dogs, vehicles, Christmas trees, and homes to support our team.

Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay offers many photo opportunities as well as tons of adventures. Here you can get a glimpse of beautiful wildlife, have a fishing experience through Chesapeake Bay Sport Fishing, take a boat ride, and watch the sunset. With the US Naval Academy so close by, you might even get a close up of the Blue Angels while they're practicing for their next big event.


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Annapolis is one of the most visited and cherished parts of Maryland. There are endless amounts of things to discover and something here for everyone. You can find countless boutique shops, the US Naval Academy, fantastic places to dine such as the Boatyard Bar and Grill, and water adventures like the ones offered through Watermark Tours. There's seemingly an unlimited amount of things to discover and something here for all ages and all interests to enjoy.

Nikki Thomas is a Maryland native and writer that also runs a local home improvement business with her handy hubby. You can find her at