Most Instagrammable Spots in Oconee County, SC

Amateur photog or seasoned cameraman, your Instagram account tells the story your followers want to know. From your many travels to what's on the day's menu, Instagram makes it easy to share all the special moments from your life. These popular scenes and sights from all around Oconee County, SC, make the perfect addition to your collection:

1. High Falls County Park

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A short drive to the middle of nowhere is definitely worth it when you see what's waiting for you at the end. High Falls County Park is the locals' summertime mecca of sun, swimming, camping, and all sorts of Instagrammable moments. Fish from the pier, put a boat in the water, or simply laze on the beach. And don't forget to document all your trick shots in putt putt or tennis, because like they say, "Pics, or it didn't happen."

2. Stumphouse Tunnel

One of the most famous historical sites in Oconee County, Stumphouse Tunnel was originally planned to provide a railway thoroughfare connecting Charleston to Knoxville during the Civil War. Lack of funds brought the project to a grinding halt, and it sits unfinished to this day.

You can't travel the entire 1617 feet of tunnel due to safety concerns, but Instagrammers can traverse enough of its length to get internet-worthy photos

And the name Stumphouse? Multiple theories abound, but locals believe it might have to do with the large tree stump that civil war bootleggers used to hide their liquor during rainstorms. Or, it could have been dubbed by the Cherokee, when they saw a couple living in a stump with an added roof.

3. The Lighthouse Restaurant

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Sunsets, fine dining, and waterfront vistas - it seems most Instagrams need at least one of these elements, but you can get all three atThe Lighthouse Restaurant. Snap some pics at the outdoor cabana, or stroll inside to the large central fireplace. And the lake view from the upstairs dining room is a must for your Instagram portfolio.

Along with plenty of perfect scenery, the food will earn its way into your Instagram Hall of Fame. Presentation is key, and they sure do show it. A cocktail or glass of champagne helps set the stage for plenty of photos to make your followers jealous.

4. Sole Grill & Sushi Bar

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Two words: Food Art. Sure, Sole offers upscale ambiance against a fun, modern backdrop, but it's their culinary creations that deserve a top spot on your Instagram feed. Get camera-happy with BOGO sushi rolls on Wednesdays, or tantalize your eyes with a selection from the tapas menu. Pretty much every menu item here is a work of art, including the bar beverages. Hands down, Sole provides plenty of eye candy that's good for your appetite, too.

5. Chau Ram County Park

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This one's quite off the beaten path, but it's worth it when you see the waterfalls that greet you upon entry to the park. With plenty of hiking, picnic-ing, and the semi-thrilling suspension bridge, Chau Ram gives you plenty of moments to capture on your day in the great outdoors.

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