5 Vegan Breakfasts Even Denver Carnivores Will Love

Many meat eaters reject the notion of vegan food because they think it won't keep them full. And when it comes to breakfast, a meal that's typically loaded with eggs, bacon, and cheese, it's hard to imagine a vegan alternative that's just as satisfying. Luckily for the Denver vegans who want to prove the power of plant-based morning meals, here are five vegan breakfast dishes sure to keep even your carnivorous friends full til dinner:

1. Quiero Arepas' Reino Pepiada

Many Denverites have encountered the Quiero Arepas food truck at the South Pearl Street Farmer's Market on Sundays in summer. Now that the food truck has secured a permanent spot in Avanti's modern food hall, vegans can indulge in the Reino Pepiada--a warm, homemade corn pocket filled with chickpea-based "chicken" and avocado salad--any day of the week. Avanti isn't open til 11 a.m., so instead of going early for breakfast, try pairing it with a bloody mary and consider it your weekend hangover cure.

2. Vital Root's Breakfast Dosa

Vital Root stands out as one of the only fast-casual, plant-based restaurants in the Denver area. But it also shines for its creative dishes, and the breakfast dosa is one meal not to be missed by carnivores and vegans alike. While the menu describes this breakfast being made with egg, Vital Root can easily make 99% of dishes vegan upon request. So do yourself a favor: head to vital root, ask for a vegan dosa, and enjoy the best Indian-inspired breakfast you've ever had.

3. Sputnik's Stacks of Vegan Power

You've already spent the night sipping whiskey and mingling under the glow of Sputnik's pastel-colored globe lights. Why not return the next morning for one of the most affordable vegan breakfasts in Denver? This gritty Baker haunt serves up a dish called Stacks of Vegan Power, a duo of quinoa cakes topped with potatoes, avocado, and assorted veggies, then drizzled with a creamy roasted garlic sauce.

4. Watercourse's Brunch Wrap Supreme

This lesser-known sister of vegetarian staple City O' City offers the same level of deliciousness with only half the wait time. The Brunch Wrap Supreme is a fantastic, plant-based twist on a classic breakfast burrito. From vegan chorizo to hearty home fries, this dish is sure to keep you satisfied. If you're a believer in breakfast dessert, order a sweet potato cinnamon roll on the side to split.

5. Rosenberg's Bagel and Vegan Cream Cheese

Have you ever had a distinct craving for a hot, chewy bagel and loads of cream cheese? This is a sore subject for vegans, given that vegan cream cheese isn't available at most breakfast spots. That's where Rosenberg's vegan cream cheese selections save the day. We recommend ordering a dozen bagels and a tub of vegan spread to go -- that way you can continue curbing your craving without having to leave home.

Michelle Polizzi is a Denver-based Freelance Writer. When she's not busy writing, you can find her exploring the city by bike or whipping up a fresh veggie-friendly dish.