Most Creative Sandwiches in Syracuse

Legend has it that the sandwich was created by John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, in the late 1700s. The earl was so absorbed in gambling one night that when hunger struck, he slapped a piece of beef between two slices of bread, and a lunchtime tradition was born.

While the sandwiches of Baby Boomers' youth included peanut butter and jelly, bologna with mustard, and tuna fish, these standard sandwiches have become decidedly more creative.

Don't expect anything too crazy for Syracuse, however. While the culinary scene in Syracuse is becoming more current, this isn't Seattle, Chicago or even Ithaca! But there are plenty of restaurants featuring a variety of cuisines to keep diners interested.

See for yourself with this rundown of out-of-the-ordinary sandwiches available in Syracuse area restaurants. Use these suggestions to celebrate National Sandwich Day, which is Nov. 3.

Empire Brewing Company
With one of the most inventive menus in the city, it figures that this Armory Square stalwart would serve a sandwich to remember. In this case, it's the andouille po'boy, a taste of Nawlins in little old Syracuse. This sandwich features grilled Cajun sausage with smoked Gouda cheese, spicy mustard and tumbleweed onions; yours for $12.

Copper Top Tavern
With two locations, in Camillus and North Syracuse, this busy restaurant is notorious for huge portions and a menu to match. A bit of Downeast Maine can be found in Central New York with Copper Top's Lobster Salad Sandwich. This variation features sweet chunks of lobster mixed with mayonnaise served on a bed of lettuce with chopped pickles, all on a buttered roll. $9.99.

If veggies are more your thing, give the Grilled Veggie Sandwich a try. For $9.99, you'll get portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, olive spread, sliced tomatoes, grilled eggplant and fresh Mozzarella topped with a Dijon balsamic vinaigrette.

Try to eat just one of these sandwiches in one sitting; it's quite a challenge. Copper Top's portions fit nicely in a takeout box so you can finish your lunch at home.

Kitty Hoynes
This authentic Irish pub and restaurant serves meals from the Old Country from its hopping location at the northern entry to Armory Square in downtown Syracuse. The place is so authentic, the owner and several servers speak with an Irish accent. Try the Lamb Sliders at Kitty Hoynes, featuring ground lamb, mushrooms, Irish Cashel blue cheese and crispy onion straws gilded with either Irish tomato relish or Guinness mustard. $13.95.

Located near the Syracuse University hill, three hospitals and Syracuse Stage, Phoebe's has undergone several transformations, from fern bar in the 1970s to hip hangout in the 1980s to tried-and-true date-night restaurant today. No matter what incarnation, Phoebe's never disappointed, and the same is true today.

This eatery is especially busy at lunchtime, and a popular meal there is the crab cake sandwich. Sweet, delicious crab meat is mixed with remoulade and served on a brioche roll with lettuce and tomato. The complete the Maryland theme, the sandwich comes with fries tossed with Old Bay seasoning. $14.

Eva's European Sweets
Off the beaten path in Solvay, this gem specializes in Polish food, which is hearty and substantial, as well as delicate desserts with an Eastern European flair. You can't get more authentically Polish than ordering the kielbasa sandwich, fried kielbasa with satueed onions or traditional sauerkraut served on a sub roll. $9.25. Be sure to save room for dessert; after all, "Sweets" is part of Eva's name.

Dark Horse Tavern
Tucked into a small space in a strip mall just east of the city line is this favorite night spot. Dark Horse serves one tasty wrap and while a wrap isn't technically a sandwich, let's consider it an update of the meat-between-two-pieces-of-bread routine. Try the Dark Horse's salmon wrap, featuring smoked salmon, lemon drill tzatziki, red onion, field greens and feta cheese spread, all cozied up inside a sundried tomato wrap. $12.

Molly English-Bowers isn't much of a bread eater (extra carbs and all), but these sandwiches could make her forget her rules of eating.