Most Instagrammable Spots in New York City

While it can be difficult to capture the energy of the city that never sleeps in photos, that hasn't stopped hordes of Instagrammers from trying. New York City is in the center of the worlds of fashion, food, art, architecture and much more. As a result, glimpses of NYC show up on the posts of many the most creative people who use the app. So if you want to join the trend, check out this list of the five most Instagrammable spots in town:

1. The NYC Skyline

New York is famous for its skyline, so it is hardly a surprise that photos of NY buildings from a distance are often featured in Instagram pics. Exterior shots of individual iconic buildings and structures like the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty are also popular.

2. Times Square

There is always something going on in Times Square that is photo-worthy. Whether you want to take a picture of yourself with the Naked Cowboy, to capture the neon delights after dark, or just to take a selfie as you enjoy the crowded scene, there is always a reason to snap a pic.

3. Central Park

Central Park offers endless opportunities for Instagram images. Here are a few ideas: show your followers the beauty of the Conservatory Garden, how awesome you are as you run around the reservoir or how adorable all the dogs are as they play off-leash in the morning. The park also serves as a wonderful backdrop for food you've prepared for a picnic or bought from one of the many food stands in the park.

4. Brownstone Street Shots

Street shots of rows of brownstone buildings in neighborhoods like Park Slope, Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side are especially popular for OOTD shots. So go ahead and put on something snazzy and make your followers envious of your style as you lounge insouciantly on a stoop.

5. NYC Museums

New York City is full of art. There is public art almost everywhere and more museums than most of us can ever visit. The new Whitney Museum is one of the most popular art-enthusiast hangouts and therefore is particularly visible on Instagram, perhaps in part because of its proximity to the always picturesque High Line park.

Victoria Otto Franzese is a proud New Yorker who owned, operated, and wrote for a successful online travel guide for 15 years. Now, thankfully, all of her travel is purely for fun. See some of her favorite photos of NYC at @VOFranzese.