The Most Instagrammable Spots In Holly Springs

Believe it or not, Instagram has only been around for six years. But in that time it has turned the work of picture taking upside down. Now, in addition to selfies, millennials are expressing their photographic creativity on the app. If your photographing takes you to Holly Springs, be sure to check out some of my favorite Instagrammable spots.

The Holly Springs Water Tower
Technically, Holly Springs has four water towers, but one is more distinctive that the rest. You can see this one from the north in Downtown, but the sun hits it just right on the south side. Hop over to the W.E. Hunt Recreational Center to get an artistic photo of this landmark. And don't forget to add the Amaro filter to take it to the Instagrammable level.

Womble Park Baseball Fields
There are four baseball fields at Womble Park and that's where you'll find this father-son baseball team statue. It's just waiting for selfies and artistic photos. A Gingham filter addition will bring out the vintage elements of the statue. Sports fans can even wear their baseball jersey to pose with the statue.

Bass Lake Outfall Greenway
Bass Lake is beautiful on it's own, but the outfall greenway provides plenty of Instagrammable moments. You're definitely going to want to use your Lark filter for this one. Whether you catch a picture of the wildlife along the trail or just find that perfect light for a family photo, the Bass Lake Outfall Greenway makes it impossible to take a bad picture.

Waverly Place Shopping Center
It's technically in Cary, but the fountains in Waverly Place Shopping Center are too beautiful to not be on the list. These fountains can provide backgrounds for selfies or just stand on their own. In the day, it begs for the Lo-fi filter. And as spectacular as they are during the day, they are even better at night. But regardless of when you are able to snap your picture, it will always come out beautiful.

Now it's time for you to get out and take some pictures. What are your favorite Instagrammable spots?

Ken Jones is a freelance marketing professional in Raleigh. Through his company, KMF Strategies, he helps small businesses reach their goals and keep moving forward.