Where to Find the Best Sandwiches in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is known for juicy asados (barbecues) and empanadas more than its sandwiches. But the city does have a few truly great sandwiches that stand out from the rest.


First, you cannot miss out trying a classic choripan: barbecued chorizo on a bun with chimichurri sauce. You can find choripan all over the city; they're sold in parks, different outdoor fairs like the San Telmo Fair or the Recoleta Fair, and every parrilla (barbecue restaurant) in the city. Don't skimp on the chimichurri sauce and dig in.

Banco Rojo

Banco Rojo is a true Buenos Aires establishment and a local favorite. In addition to its selection of sandwiches--such as the shrimp-filled Big Harvey or the India inspired Cerdo Tandoori--the casual restaurant also has a rotating selection of burgers, empanadas and craft beers.

They recently moved to a new space with more seating and an outdoor patio, just in time for summer in the southern hemisphere.

Latino Sandwich

Latino Sandwich is a great place to grab a bite during your lunch break. Located downtown near the business heart of the city, Latino has a huge selection of healthy and not-so-healthy sandwiches, made with their own homemade bread.

Burger Joint

Burgers and sandwiches are not exactly the same, but it would be a mistake to talk about Buenos Aires' sandwich scene without mentioning the best burgers in town. Burger Joint's intentionally grubby interior reminds visitors of that favorite dive bar from their college days, and the burgers are the perfect combination of juicy and charred. Try the Jamaican burger, which comes with pineapple, or grab a Cabra burger topped with goat cheese and honey if you're feeling fancy.


Nola brings the best (and only) Cajun food to Buenos Aires. Their fried chicken sandwich comes with lettuce, mayo, and homemade bread, and gives a true taste of Cajun flavor to Buenos Aires tastebuds.

Sam Harrison is a writer who lives in Buenos Aires. You can find more pieces by Sam Harrison here.