Best Dog-Friendly Activities in Austin, Texas

If there's anything we love in Austin, it's furry critters. Even stray animals across our entire metropolitan area are relatively safe, since the city is the largest no-kill zones in the country. In that same respect, our wagging-tail, floppy-tongued, four-legged friends have dozens of great spots to cavort around ATX with or without a leash (check carefully and be respectful). Here are a few fantastic places where you and your canine companion can run free.

Brews Dogs
Throughout the city, several taverns offer accommodations for human beings and their furry friends. Doggy dives and canine clubs include Austin Beer Garden Brewery (ABGB), which offers a spacious back yard and watering station, the Austin Terrier, and the Yard Bar (which requires a membership fee but offers an off-leash park and "Bowser Beer). It's way, to can socializing with your pup and meet new people.

Isle of Dog-tor Moreau
Okay, so truly the only mad scientist on Red Bud Isle is a chemist who steps in an inconsiderately left. Still, it's pretty crazy that you can walk, bike, or drive with your canine cohort to this pooch peninsula. It offers places for Fifis and Fidos to frolic, swim, and jog themselves to pleasant exhaustion. Fair warning to drivers, though, the lot fills up quickly, so head out early or be prepared to park and hike.

Bowwow Bargain Hunting
Shopping isn't always a pleasure for dogs. Usually, it means they get left behind in a car with a crevice of air their only link to the sounds and smells of the world. And that's in the winter. It's dangerous to park with pooches in Austin come the summer months and their extreme heat – so they get left behind. Or do they? High end shopping walk The Domain allows hounds within its idyllic setting and many pup-friendly retailers (make sure you check first) even provide water or treats for your four-legged comrades.

Food Dishes for Everyone
Eating out and dogs – what with the hair and all – don't usually go well together. At the same time, this town has ways to surprise the Fido-fanatics among us. Cool canine-friendly cafes and restaurants like Home Slice Pizza and Lustre Pearl East not only allow dogs but welcome them. In fact, some eateries such as Shake Shack even offer dog desserts like the Poochini.

Take Your Human for a Walk
Since people are animals, we need to a chance to run around in the fresh air and the sun too. How appropriate that our "best friends" also require a place to jaunt. To this end, Austin has dozens of realms appropriate for pups and their people, including Zilker Park's dog friendly realms, the Barton Creek Greenbelt, Secret Beach, and Mary Moore Searight Park among others.

Andy L. Kubai is a freelance writer and transplanted Austinite who's been exploring the internal and external wonders of his new home for the last 5 years. Find out more about Andy on his website.

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