Craziest Sandwiches in San Francisco

No longer a mere lunchtime staple of meat and cheese slapped between two slices of bread, sandwiches have pervaded every corner of the city in all shapes, sizes, and savory or sticky-sweet forms. Here's a collection of crazy sandwiches you can keep on the lookout in San Francisco.

Oyster Po' Boy at HRD Coffee Shop

If you're thinking deep fried oysters paired with a fusion of kimchi-flavors, come and get your Oyster Po' Boy at HRD Coffee Shop! You'll get juicy, panko-crusted oysters slathered with Korean spices, kimchi slaw, and kimchi aoli, between a toasty buttery bun. Don't forget to ask for HRD hot sauce!

The Mezman at Deli Board

Any of the sandwiches on the menu of Deli Board pack a ton of flavor into every bite. The Mezman is definitely a "different" kind of sandwich, with juicy Romanian pastrami, deviled egg salad, muenster cheese, cherry peppers, pickles, and board sauce. All this on a garlic dutch crunch! It also doesn't hurt that Deli Board is run by some of the nicest people in San Francisco.

Willie Brown Bird at Cheese Plus

Can't guess what you'll get if you order the Willie Brown Bird at Cheese Plus? Well, we'll tell you! Thinly sliced smoked duck breast, sweet fig chutney, provolone cheese and tangy onions. And arugula. Grilled on Dutch crunch. With butter.

The King at Mission Picnic

There are so many delicious sandwiches at Mission Picnic, but for the sake of crazy, get the King, a creation of peanut butter, bananas, honey, dark chocolate, and crunchy frosted flakes, on a delicious brioche bun. It's like eating dessert for lunch, made even better with a side of thick, crunchy bacon.

Christina Wong is a Bay Area native who loves to travel the world, but always finds her way back to California.