Three Reasons The Coaching Staff is to Blame for Denver Broncos' Loss, Not Trevor Siemian

In case you are one of the 2% of Denver residents that missed it, the Denver Broncos lost in horrifying, disturbing, sleep disrupting fashion Sunday night to the nemesis Oakland Raiders (we are NOT overdramatic, dammit).

Naturally blame is flying around faster than an illegal drone over the White House — from the quarterback, to the O-line, to the receivers, to Amy Schumer for distracting Denver fans with her unique brand of no-holds-barred comedy.

But the blame is actually easy to place squarely on the shoulder of the coaching staff. Here's why:

Kapri Bipps Constantly Returning Kickoffs

Three kickoffs in a row, three return attempts by Kapri Bibbs falling short of the 25. Call me cray, but a third-string running back that just got called up from the practice squad probably doesn't keep doing that unless a coach told him to. Maybe the coaches saw something on film they thought they could exploit, but boy, that was stupid. With an offense playing this poorly, kneel the ball instead of losing out on yardage that you desperately need.

Yes, he had a sweet, somewhat pointless touchdown later on, so clearly Bibbs is good at evading tackles, but chalk this one up to a kid doing what he was told, not a player trying to prove himself.

Siemian's Struggles

Siemian went 18-of-37 for 283 yards, two touchdowns, an interception and two sacks, with the INT coming in desperation-time. Overall, I still think Siemian looks good. It might because he's just so damn easy to root for, but it's difficult to put much blame directly on a first-year QB working with a porous offensive line. Especially since he's clearly just doing what the coaching staff asks.

Realistically Trevor was an Emmanuel Sanders almost-catch from this game being entirely different. He shines throwing it downfield and moving out of the pocket. Early in the season we even some some designed QB runs, all of which seems to have been tossed aside. Why not bring it back? Why continue to look for short passes when every defense now knows all they have to do is stop short passes and sneeze on run attempts to stop this offense? Why not Joe Flacco it?

Because someone is telling him to do those things. Perhaps it's time to go shotgun and spread, and just let Siemian sling the ball around — but he's the kind of player that will only do it with Coach's approval.


Kubiak admitted that the Broncos were beaten by the Raiders in all phases of the game. It's easy to reprimand the players, but at what point do we question the overall plan coming into this game? We knew the Denver defense was leaky against the run, and the the Raiders have three backs ready to push the ball ahead, and yet we seemed to do nothing to address this.

Yeah, sure, Aqib Talib and Kayvon Webster were on the sidelines. Maybe that explains it, but it doesn't make up for a complete lack of creativity and flexibility on offense, or head-scratching decisions on special teams. At some point the coaching staff has to be held accountable for the overall strategy. When all phases of the game fail, it's beyond injuries, or one specific play or player.

We love Coach Kubes here in Denver, and we trust him, but we'll all be waiting to see what kind of magic can be pulled out of this team in the coming weeks.

James is a 17-year resident of the Denver area.