Why the Denver Broncos Should NOT Sign Tony Romo

Boy, there sure has been a lot of talk lately that the Denver Broncos should pull another Peyton and do their damnedest to bring Tony Romo to the team.

And it is so dumb.

Let's review a few reasons why the Denver Broncos would be stupid to trade for Tony Romo.

1. Peyton Manning's Play

Don't get me wrong, 2013 was an awesome year, maybe the most fun to watch as a Broncos fan since Elway was around. Manning cemented his legacy here in Denver. But let's not forget last year, when Manning's interceptions nearly doubled his touchdowns and he barely regained his starting job from Brock "not worth anywhere near what he's getting paid now" Osweiler.

Sure, Tony Romo can probably produce for a couple of more years, but is it worth blowing up your team and creating another situation where the stud rookie you drafted has to sit longer than he should? Denver is better off developing the young quarterbacks they have than risking getting an aging veteran whose production could drop off sharply at any time.

2. The O-line

Yes, Trevor Siemian has to play better and can be blamed for some of the hits he's taking, but when you get sacked six times (!!!!!) by arguably the worst defense in the league with the New Orleans Saints, something ain't right upfront.

Tony Romo has a not-so-awesome injury history, and with this O-line in front of him he might be headed to the morgue before he can get a single play off (not being dramatic at all).

This is the same reason the Broncos won't throw Paxton Lynch out there — yes, you're giving Siemian a shot, but you're also protecting your future by using a QB who can get it done well enough behind a top three D.

3. The Defense

Speaking of the D, this is another reason Denver shouldn't blow it up to get Romo. The D is the heart of this team, and clearly the reason they won the Super Bowl last year. They are once again winning games despite anemic offensive performances.

When Brock Osweiler spurned Denver for the Houston Texans, he did the Broncos a monumental favor. The team was able to re-sign some of the at-risk defensive talent and shore up depth across the board. Jerry Jones is obviously not going to let go of Romo at a bargain, and it would cost the Broncos far too much to get him. The last thing they should do is tinker with anything on the defensive side of the ball.

James is an editor and writer who has lived in Denver for the last 17 years.