6 Places Where Being on the Naughty List Is a Good Thing

He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows if you're awake---He knows if you've been bad or good so be good ... screw that. There is a whole year to keep yourself off the naughty list, but sometimes it just feels good to be a little/very bad.

While most of us are perfectly capable of being bad whenever and wherever we want, it doesn't hurt to have a little guidance sometimes. For this holiday season, these are the places the little devil on your shoulder thinks you should go to ditch the turkeys, trees, and resolutions that you won't keep. Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving in the form of stories you'll be telling for the rest of your life when you ditch the family reunions and get naughty this season.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Going to Las Vegas during the holidays really isn't that much different than going to Las Vegas any other time. It never shuts down, the lights never go off, and if you have the time and the cash you can pretty much find anything you want. The different part is that it's the holidays and you are there for YOU. Play your cards right, splurge on a suite, rent a luxury car, get bottle service---the sky is not the limit; your imagination is the limit. For the rest of the year you may be John from accounting, but give yourself the gift of being Johnny the Baller this holiday season.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Red and green are the colors of Christmas trees, wreaths, and mistletoe. They are also the colors of two of Amsterdam's most notorious, and naughty, places to visit that will help you escape the grind in every way imaginable. The Red Light District and the "Coffee" Shops of Amsterdam will allow you to legally partake in things that won't fit into your stocking back home. This year head to Amsterdam and get Santa a special plate of cookies and a date with a new Mrs. Claus.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

The beaches of Playa are sexy. They look sexy, they make you feel sexy, and the number of adult-only resorts are an invitation to do sexy things. Many of them are self-sustaining with multiple restaurants, bars, and ocean related activities that involve little more than a swimsuit. Sipping a margarita while wearing a bikini (not me in the bikini, nobody wants to see that) sounds like a naughty way to celebrate while the folks back home freeze their asses off and argue over how much bourbon you should have in your egg nog (the correct answer is "all the bourbon") and whether or not Aunt Sally has taken her meds. She hasn't, but you are in Mexico, on a beach, in a bikini or with someone in a bikini. Enjoy.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Greece is the home of gods and goddesses, of dark bearded men and women with olive skin and flowing locks of black curls. It is also known for a love of nightlife, a relaxed Mediterranean vibe, and all the sexy things that come with a desire to live, love, and party. Thessaloniki is known as the cultural center (nightlife and party capital) of Greece, and is the best place to find your own gift to unwrap on Christmas this year. You can leave the bow on if you want to.

Montreal, Quebec

Canada doesn't exactly have a reputation for being upscale, or partying, or really anything that doesn't involve snow, moose, and funny accents. Montreal ain't yer daddy's Canada though. World-famous for its nightlife, the bars and dance clubs are filled with money, good looking people, and booze. Remember, it is Canada though, so it is still going to be cold. Body heat is the smartest way to keep warm, so have fun partying but make sure you bring home someone, or maybe a few someones, to help keep you warm on a cold night.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio. The city so famous for the party that never ends that it doesn't even go by its full name. It's like a famous pop star, a world-class soccer player, or even Jesus, when it comes to partying. You will be surrounded by beautiful people. You will be surrounded by people looking for a good time. You will be in one of the biggest party cities in the world. You will get naughty.

The holidays are fast approaching. Do you want turkey, egg nog, and relatives; or do you want to party, dance, and get naughty? Make the correct choice and worry about the credit card bill later. You've got a whole year to pay it off and do it again.

Drew is used cold gray winters and this bucket list of holiday party spots is a dream of epic proportions that he hopes someone, even if it's you, gets to live.