Prop. 106: Denver Makes the Right Choice in Passing 'Right to Die' Proposition

Lost in the "the world is probably going to end" news cycle currently engulfing Colorado following the election of Donald Trump, a bit of positive news: Coloradoans passed a "right to die" proposition resoundingly.

With a margin of 64.8% to 35.1%, statewide support was strong for Proposition 106. Colorado joins Washington, Vermont, Montana and California as states with similar laws.

The proposition requires that at least two physicians agree that the patient is mentally competent and has fewer than six months to live.

Clearly this is an emotionally charged issue, but for anyone who has had to watch a loved one die from a slow-moving, terminal illness, they know the heartache, suffering and devastation these diseases can create. I personally had an experience with this, and I know the person who passed away would have been relieved to be able to maintain dignity and grace in their last weeks.

While I understand there are some concerns with these types of laws, it is ultimately the right thing to do. Nice work, Colorado.

James has lived in the Denver area for 17 years.