Freeze Your Ass off At These Ice Hotels and Bars

When most of us travel, especially somewhere cold, one of the requirements for the trip is that we have somewhere warm to relax, grab some food, and enjoy a cocktail. Some people are masochists though, and this is a celebration for them. Just got done with a day of snowshoeing? The warm L.A. sun is too nice and beautiful for you? Good, because every place we are going to visit is made of ice.

These places are cold—freeze your ass off cold—and other than wanting to make "So a polar bear walks into a bar..." jokes, the only question has to be "WHY????" Put on the hat with the ear flaps, the mittens, and the fur lined underwear. Even the hottest guys and gals at these hotels and bars are going to be rocking parkas.

Hotel De Glace- Quebec, Canada

Hotel De Glace will be open from early January until late March only, and bills itself as North America's only true full ice hotel. I guess that's something to brag about, kind of like being the only hotel in Brazil made completely of thongs, but it's still pretty impressive. One of the coolest things about the 44 rooms and suites at HDG is that they will never be the same again. Hell, they even use the word ephemeral in their own description of the place. Bring extra blankets, actually, bring extra everything that has to do with warmth, and come check out this modern igloo.

SnowCastle of Kemi- Kemi, Finland

The SnowCastle of Kemi is so invested in snow that they attach the word "snow" to everything there. You can dine in the SnowRestaurant, stay in the SnowCastle, and even get married in the SnowChapel, because nothing says eternal love and fiery passion like a church made of frozen sea water. Nordic print sweaters are not required, but you'll probably look silly without one as you shiver in your SnowBed.

IceHotel- Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

"A hotel and art exhibition made of ice from the river Torne, each year reincarnated in a brand new design. A place to discover silence, northern lights, glistening snow clad forests, reindeer, cloudberries, kettle coffee and much more." That is the official line from the home page of IceHotel in Sweden. I didn't even know that reindeer were real—thought that was some made up Christmas stuff. Cloudberries? That's Super Mario. I'm not entirely convinced that this place is real, but if it is, it sounds pretty damn cool (hehe, cool).

IcePub Prague- Prague, Czech Republic

The bar is ice. The seating is ice. If you can touch it, it is made of ice. The damn glasses that you drink out of are MADE OF ICE. What isn't ice-cold at IcePub? The people. Prague is a party city full of beautiful people and IcePub is trendy, if a bit on the touristy side. Unless you have a problem cozying up with good-looking tourists who like to drink, IcePub is a destination you'll want to check out in Prague.

Ice Kube Bar- Paris, France

Part of the trendy Kube Hotel, Ice Kube Bar is either the coolest (sorry, I just can't stop) place you'll ever drink a Finlandia vodka based cocktail, or it will look like a set from a Saturday Night Live skit. But let's focus on the important things: booze and fine ass people who are drinking that booze. That's why you're at Ice Kube, so enjoy the vodka and the views.

Minus5 Ice Experience- Las Vegas, Nevada

Nothing says scorching desert and 24-hour debauchery like a bar made entirely of ice, right? Actually, Minus5 is pretty tame as far as Vegas goes, which I am not really sure is a real thing, but we'll go with it. It's fun, it's Vegas as F, and it is a good way to find something to talk about other than your cubicle job back in Cincinnati.

Drew likes vodka, ice, and winter. He feels at home in these types of places and thinks you will too.