Grab a Cheesesteak and a Cocktail with Rocky Balboa in Philly

Just because Philadelphia is the nation's Cradle of Liberty, don't think that it is all pomp and circumstance.

What other city just plops a Rocky Statue right next to the iconic steps in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art for a pop-culture quick fix. Eat your cheesesteak right next to the statue (side note: keep the alcohol hidden).

Know the language when headed south. You always 'gotta' head down to South Philly for a cheesesteak 'wit whiz' (Pat's or Geno's -diner's choice). "Take it in" over at Ray's Happy Birthday bar. Or eat outside on Passyunk Avenue under the neon signs and ballistic sound of car horns.

Now time to kill those carbs by walking up to South Street for some of the subversive. Stop in Passional Boutique to get your sex on or catch some live music at the TLA Theater. Do some serious bar hopping on South Street east or west, but don't fall in the rivers when you have your beer goggles on.

Alas, I will leave you there. There's a subway stop close by. Don't be shy, keep going.

Stasia DeMarco is a Philadelphia native. She is a content writer, journalist and culture critic.