National Cookie Day in Los Angeles: Five Scrumptious Cookie Shops

It's only fitting that National Cookie Day falls on December 4 just as we are all ramping up our holiday treat intake. So where to find cookies that are leaps and bounds beyond the ordinary or grocery store bought? Try any of these five cookie shops or bakeries in Los Angeles, and you won't be disappointed.

1. The Sycamore Kitchen
A favorite for those loving breakfast, lunch and sweets, Quinn and Karen Hatfield's The Sycamore Kitchen gets very high marks for their unique take on cookies. Karen's Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge and Chocolate Chip Rye Cookies are exquisite (I don't even like rye, but in this cookie it's sublime). Also top notch are their Rosemary Sugar Cookies and Oatmeal Toffee Cookies.

2. Milk Jar Cookies
I once lived down the street from Milk Jar Cookies and have a soft spot for their diverse collection of cookies, especially those of the chocolate chip variety. It also doesn't hurt that the shop is often baking fresh cookies, which makes the place smell sweet and chocolate-like. Plus, cookies paired with locally sourced milk, coffee or even ice cream is a win-win. A few favorite cookies include the holiday Peppermint Bark (also offered in a gluten-free version), the Chocolate Chip Walnut and the Birthday Cookie.

3. Proof Bakery
Proof Bakery is pretty tasty across the board as far as their breads, sweets, cakes and cookies. Proof offers a great Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie (with sea salt flavoring) as well as a gluten-free Buckwheat Shortbread. Also their Cornmeal Thumbprint is pretty delectable too.

4. Porto's Bakery & Café
Porto's Bakery & Café is a true immigrant success story. The Porto family emigrated from Cuba to California, and in 1976 Raul Sr. and Rosa opened a 300-square-foot bakery on Sunset Blvd. Over the years the bakery has since expanded into Glendale, Burbank and Downey storefronts, and is still family run. The Sprinkled Butter Cookies are a favorite as are the simple but flavorful Chocolate Chip Cookies. Also look for this season's Christmas Tree Sprinkle Cookie.

5. Diddy Riese
Diddy Riese is all about cookies (and brownies and ice cream sandwiches). Made from scratch and baked everyday, this cookie shop has been serving Westwood and UCLA folks since 1983. And believe it or not, these cookies are modestly priced at 50 cents each (almost unheard of in Los Angeles). So check out their Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Chip, or Sugar Cinnamon cookies. You can even get a Diddy Dozen for $4.50. Not a bad option for National Cookie Day, right?

Author's bio: Lori Huck works in television development as well as writes on entertainment, travel and the arts. She's a fan of the vibrant arts scene in Los Angeles and is a member of various film, television, and arts organizations.

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