When Will Philly Smoke Legal Weed?

With more states legalizing marijuana in the most recent election on November 8, 2016, the new question is how President-elect Donald Trump will deal with all this legal weed.

Philadelphia is awaiting the launch of legal medical marijuana (MMJ) in Pennsylvania which was passed last spring. And while adults all over the US are smoking it up with glee, the medical marijuana scene is still murky.

Philly decriminalized weed two years ago to stem the flood of stoners going to prison. Some blogs, like Philly420, cite an 80% decrease in arrests. But the question still remains, who can get medical weed, how can one purchase it and when the hell will it all happen.

According to the MMJ blog on Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf's website, it could be 2018 before state-authorized dispensaries start selling pot. This will entail lots of cash for those looking to snap up those business licenses. Some experts say it can take hundreds of thousands to get started. So yeah, there is that side.

Now for the person with health issues looking to get an MMJ card, that should not prove too difficult once the brick and mortar shops and health department databases are all up to snuff. The best place to check the health issues warranting an MMJ card and all other state pot news is here.

In the new MTV show produced by Snoop Dog called MaryAndJane, all the kids sign up to be marijuana caregivers. The caregivers are permitted to deliver weed to an unlimited number of clients in California (the show was produced before Cali made weed legal in November 2016).

According to what Governor's Wolf's blog says, once you score an MMJ card you can be a caregiver-delivery service to five other people also with cards. Essentially residents could choose to become legal MMJ caregivers with five clients. And call it intuition, but something tells me that side of the business will be lucrative for many.

So here's hoping the wheels of bureaucracy get really greased up and start opening dispensaries, hooking up with grow operations and printing those MMJ cards, so peeps in Philly and PA can start to inhale in peace.

Stasia DeMarco is a Philadelphia native. She is a content writer, journalist and culture critic.